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If You're Not Teaching with REAL BOOKS You're Doing it Wrong!

This blog post has been weighing on my heart for too long, and I feel like it's time to put it out there! This is something I believe to my very core. So here it is, no apologies, my literacy truth!

Why DON'T My Comprehension Strategies Stick?

As a reading teacher, you've most likely spent countless hours creating and planning reading lessons, hoping that this one will be the one that they will remember and apply all year long. And even after a well-planned, well-delivered lesson, we ask ourselves this question...

17 Books to Read in 2017: Chapter Book Edition

All children need real literature. No matter their gender, level, background, they need to hear and feel those impactful and moving stories.

Every year I diligently follow the literary world to learn about new books that might make an impact in my classroom. There are the classics that stand the test of time, and the books that I will always reach for year after year to read to my students, but I am also always keeping up with the new, amazing literature that is coming out.