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Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Writer's Workshop

Making your classroom an inviting place for writers can be a tricky thing to do. If your kiddos have never experienced Writer's Workshop before, it can seem incredibly daunting to set it up in your classroom, but I promise, it's worth it! Writer's Workshop doesn't assign kids writing, it turns kids into WRITERS! I have been teaching writing through a workshop approach for 4 years now, and here are a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way!

If You're Not Teaching with REAL BOOKS You're Doing it Wrong!

This blog post has been weighing on my heart for too long, and I feel like it's time to put it out there! This is something I believe to my very core. So here it is, no apologies, my literacy truth!

Why DON'T My Comprehension Strategies Stick?

As a reading teacher, you've most likely spent countless hours creating and planning reading lessons, hoping that this one will be the one that they will remember and apply all year long. And even after a well-planned, well-delivered lesson, we ask ourselves this question...