Bus ride boredom

Well, since I haven't updated ya'll on my first 2 days, I figured nows the time to do it! I am sitting on a bus on a rainy Saturday at 8am, for an hour bus ride with my volleyball girls. Our tri-match is two hours away, so I thought what a better idea then to blog! Low and behold, I found blogger has an iPhone app... How nifty!!

Now I know I said I will do a classroom tour, and I pinky promise, cross my heart that I will soon! But first, here's a little update on my first two days and a small preview of my room!

(did that photo work?? Not sure with this app thingy, it's hard to tell!) If it did, there's some of my desks, all ready for my fourth grade friends:) I met my fourth graders outside on our first day, and they were as chipper an cheery as I was at 8:55am!! (No sarcasm here!) Right off the bat I was excited to see they were a smiley group:) we spent our first day going over rules and routines. Of course, I threw a few icebreakers in there! We did a classroom bingo, and Two Truths and a Fib! They LOVED the second one. All day they kept asking if we could do more, and on Friday too! (I'll include a freebie of that activity on my next post!) we finished the day with high fives and hugs, and they all left smiling... And so did I!! My day finishes with a GREAT performance by my volleyball team on Thursday night! I was so proud of them and it made getting home at 10pm bearable:) Friday was even better as we starting building our writing stamina with our stories "A summer to tweet about". They loved writing these and are so excited to make our birds on Monday!

It was a successful first two days! I haven't stopped telling my husband how much I LOVE my new school, my amazing coworkers, and awesome students! I feel SO blessed to be in such a great school and district!!

Time for me to stop blogging. I'm getting car/bus sick! Hopefully it doesn't take much longer:) Wish us luck at our two games!!

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