Classroom Reveal.. FiNaLlY!!

All right, now I know I pinky promised that I would do a classroom tour last night, but unfortunately I got home from our game at 10:45pm. This lil' teacher had to get some sleep so she could be bright eyed and cheery for her fourthies today! Especially because they are SO fantastically amazing and bring me things like this to start my day...
How adorable of one of my little yahoos, right?!? She even told me how she told her mom she HAD to buy them for me because I match my classroom, and they would make me smile! That certainly started off my Tuesday well!

So now you know my color scheme.. here we goooooo!

My cute little wreath on my door and the view from my door!

Here is a view of my front left of my board! The far left is our school and district wide rules, The Grizzly 5! In the middle is my behavior management clipchart. This is also a school and elementary district wide standard, however I opted not to use cards, but to make this cute little Pinterest project instead! The right is our schedule for the day. You can pick this cute little schedule up here at my TPT store!

Homework board and a view of my students desk!

Love my welcome banner and Daily 5 bulletin board!
This is the side of my student's cubbies!

 My desk :)
View from my desk of the room

This is our Word Work station! Once introduced, there will be many more files of activities.
Student book baskets! I teach two classes, so one class always had blue items in my room, one is always green!

At each group of desks, extra supplies

Writing center. This will also continue to grow as we introduce work on writing!

Library book bins! The blue are fiction, green are Non-fiction. They are then labeled by genre and leveled.

My FAVORITE part of the room and the reason I had to use this theme! THE TREE and reading corner:) Isn't it so warm and fuzzy?!? Don't you want to curl up with a good book under that great tree?! I love it and so do my kiddos! At open house that was the first thing they all said, "LOOK AT THAT TREE MOM!"
CAFE bulletin board that will grow as we add strategies.

So I LOVE my room! Thanks to schoolgirlstyle for the inspiration! With it being my first year with fourthies, it was a lot to undertake the decorating of my room this year, but I LOVE the way it has turned out. I still have things I want to do, but I have to remind myself (and hubby keeps reminding me) that I have to tackle it all one project at a time! I will continue to update as I add to it :)

Happy Wednesday ya'll! Enjoy your school day and thanks for stopping in for a tour of my room!


  1. Very cute! I love the tree and the carpet circles. The kids will have so much fun sitting on those!
    Love the color scheme, btw.


  2. Hey! It's Jayme Tucker. Just wanted to say your new classroom is fabulous! How is the new school? (which one?) Anyways, my bloggy partner and I are your newest followers. Check us out if you get a chance!

    Jayme and Val

  3. SO so cute Amelia!!! :) Your kiddos must love being in your classroom each day! :)

    Sugar and Spice