Oh, how PiNtErEsTiNg!

Okay, I'll admit it.. I am secretly blatantly addicted to Pinterest. Ever since that little icon inviting me to join came from one of my good friends, I spend way too many hours pouring over clothing I HAVE to get, recipes I will {hopefully} make, and SOOO many wonderful teaching ideas! Whenever hubby sees me on my phone scrolling, the first thing he asks is if I'm pinning again. So naturally I HAD to link up with The Vintage Apple for her Oh, how Pinteresting linky party!!

Stripes, scarf, leggings, and boots.. it doesn't get ANY better for me!!

Cute way to check for writing conventions.
Gotta love the terminology... my kiddos crack up when I tell them to make sure their sentence has swag!
Can we say LOVE? What a cute teaching outfit!! {are you seeing a stripes, boots, and scarf pattern? ;) }

Spicy Chicken Rigatoni...just like Spicy Chicken Chipolte pasta from Cheesecake Factory (easy recipe)
My husband's Italian pallet would LOVE this spicy chicken rigatoni. Definitely a must try here on a non-game night!

To die for maxi dress! Love the stripes :)

Story elements packet
I LOVE teaching story elements. What a great packet, and it's FREE!
so necessary
*someday... what a cute onsie:)

I could do this for hours! I LOVE this linky party! :) I can't wait to see what everyone else pins! Happy Thursday <3

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