Soaking up those last few rays & being crafty!

I have to say.. one of the things I'm most excited about with blogging is the linky parties! How fun to have a little online pow wow with some ahhh-maaazing teacher blog buddies! So, I was so excited to see Tara over at 4th grade frolics share her Monday made its! So here are some pretty nifty additions to my new classroom this year..

Classroom made it #1

I LOVE (big ol' heart) my pick me pot for this school year! I can't wait to use this to call on my kiddos when school starts. Those boring old popsicle sticks just weren't cutting it for me anymore. Thank you to Pinterest for the inspiration to spice it up a little bit! I used a label from schoolgirlstyle bird theme and a 3" scalloped punch from Hobby Lobby to create these. Then I just glued them to popsicle sticks and here they are! I love how it turned out :)

Classroom made it #2
My brown polka dot valances! (The boring number line has since been taken down!) I was pretty proud of myself for quickly whipping together these wonderful no-sew curtains to match my classroom theme this year. I do not claim to be a master sewer in any way, so I thought I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself (pat on own back!) I love that they are simple, and now with my entire classroom they look perfect!!

I CANNOT WAIT to do a classroom reveal on here! It is done, but I plan on taking pictures this week and posting. Tomorrow is our first teacher day, and the kids come on Thursday... so it's begun! I cannot wait to kick off this school year :)

So on that note, I have to post a picture of what I spent most of my last few hours of summer doing...
Enjoying the POOL! Here's my seeeester-in-law's boyfriend, SIL, and hubby (told you he was handsome;)) They're all pretty great, huh?! We had a wonderful day laying out and catching up in the pool (they live 2 hours away), cooking out, and eating lots of food! They even made a visit to my classroom to see what I've been up to!

I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day and enjoyed time off with family and friends :)


  1. Cute curtains! I think we are going to be your first follower!

    EmilyK & Antoinette

  2. I love the pick me sticks...too cute!
    Your newest follower :)

  3. 4321Teach: Thank you!! I absolutely love the curtains and I was pretty proud of them :) Thanks for being my first follower!!

    Bilingual Scrapbook: I love the labels from schoolgirlstyle. I was so excited how that project turned out! Glad to have you following :)