Teacher, teacher! Where are you? {Sub freebie!}

And so it begins, those dreaded days of training, meetings, and missing crucial class time. I don't know about you, but my kiddos tend to freak when they have a sub! Lots of "Well why were you gone?! We needed help with so and so..." Luckily, we usually have pretty good subs, so I know my yahoo's are in good hands :) I just hate being out so early in the school year, and tomorrow afternoon we have DRA training so I'll be gone. In preparation for that, I have been working on completing a detailed, yet simple sub pack! For lesson plans, I usually just make my own a lot more detailed, and make sure we are working on things the students are comfortable with, nothing new. *Update: We are in week two of Daily 5. Our Read to Self stamina is up to 13 minutes!! We have also been practicing Buddy Reading up to 10 minutes using I read, You read, and taking turns reading our books. We have successfully learned and continued to implement Check for understanding, Back up and reread, Cross-checking, and Tuning in to interesting words! I am so proud of my fourthies for all they have accomplished!

So tomorrow my students will be continuing work on these, and our writing focus of identifying and using the 4 types of sentences! Here is a link to my sub pack/binder.. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me! :)

Enjoy this FREEBIE and enjoy your week! :)

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