Hump day *FrEeBiE!

Happy hump day everyone! I have to say, it is a tiresome and weary one for me. I had a tough time putting on my usual smiley and happy face for my fourthies this morning. During our game last night one of my varsity players dove for a ball and hit her head on the floor, hard. She was losing feeling in her legs and we had to have her taken out by EMS. This was a tough time for both my players, and me. All you parents and coaches out there, I'm sure you can relate. Seeing one of my girlies go down that way is like seeing my own child go down. It was tough to sit there holding her hand and keeping her calm while we waited for EMS. Last night was tough as they moved her to different hospitals, and we are still waiting to hear results. For those of you that do, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

But, as you all know, I must teach on! So today my yahoos and I talked about being "voracious readers!" They were SO excited to learn this new fun word! They've been walking around all morning saying it, and it just puts a smile on my face :) One of my students approached me a moment ago and said, "Mrs. Capotosta,  I have a voracious hunger for my lunch!" That certainly brought a giggle out of me, and my fourth grade friends! (See, that's why we LOVE teaching!)

After we talked about this new strategy and idea, I introduced them to our book reading logs. They were so excited! My students have D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) homework for 15 minutes every night. They have to record the title and page numbers in their planner, and have it initialed by a parent. They have been great about it so far this year (Fingers crossed they keep it up!) Now, when they finish a book, they will record it in their log and rate it. We use this to share books we like, and to see trends in the types of books we like to read. Plus, students love seeing all their hard work on paper!

You can pick up my reading log for FREE here:

We also started DRA testing this week (we've been testing RTI kiddos during separate times, but this is the first whole group time.) I complete these DRA's during Daily 5 time. So today I introduced.. THE CROWN! This is an idea I used last year that I picked up from a blog, and unfortunately I can't remember which one (I'm sorry, kudos to whoever's idea it was!!) My students now know, if I am wearing the crown, then I am working on something very important with another student, and they are to respect that students time with me and not ask any questions! They see our VIP of the day if they do have questions.
Here I am wearing the crown! (I dislike self portraits, so of course had to make a fun face instead!)

My team teacher and I call ourselves the "queens" of the school since 4th grade is the oldest grade, so the kiddos LOVED this new idea! They were whispering quietly "shhhh, she's putting the crown on.... It's important business... don't bother her!"

It worked great for our first time, and I love the idea.

My yahoo's are coming back, so it's back to the school day :) I'll keep you all posted on my volleyball girly. Thanks for your thoughts!


  1. Hey, cute freebie! Glad I found another fourth grade teacher :) I am your newest follower.. check my blog out if you can!