Motivational MoNdAy.. on a WINDY Tuesday

Pigs must be flying.. we got a HURRICANE/wind day here in Ohio! I have to say, when I got the call last night that school was off, I was probably more giddy then most of the students! I know all of you teachers out there can relate! Funny thing, in our staff meeting yesterday even our principal was agreeing that it just seemed like it was going to be a long, tiring week. Top it off with me being sick... this day couldn't have had better timing! 

Now I know I just posted, but with a little bit of time on my hands as I'm spending my day cleaning and getting some lesson plans done, I couldn't resist this awesome Motivational Monday linky party! Blogger friend Sara over at Smiling in Second Grade posted this awesome linky party.

On rainy, cold, and windy days (much like the last few days have been) we all NEED a little motivation. So here's what keeps me going when the going gets tough....

This is pretty much what the bulletin board by my desk looks like! Put quotes like this by your desk as daily reminders of how wonderful your life is!

I really need to print this out and have this on my mirror.always been one of my favorites. There is something greater out there to help us and guide us.. never forget!

For those times that we are all working to get back into shape! I always remind myself that I still have to put one foot in front of the other to walk, so I might as well run!
something to rememberI try to remind myself this with my students... showing that we care about the little things, will make them care about the big things!

Dumbledore is the manI LOVE me some HP! I actually had a little mini marathon this week rewatching the movies. I always use Harry Potter for examples in class when we are discussing literary elements. The books have SO many great messages! As teachers, we can always find ways to motivate, even when our motivation is down.. just keep looking until you find that light that burns strong!

hahahah I had to include this one... I got a big laugh out of it!

Ya'll are wonderful!! Enjoy the rest of your day. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this crazy weather!


  1. Wow! Hope your day off was just what you needed. :) Just found your cute blog (LOVE the name!) and am your newest follower.

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. It was definitely what I needed! I was just getting ready to comment on your Currently.. how funny! Thanks for following :)