Sunday Funday!

Welllll... I know it's been a while blog world. I apologize; volleyball and teaching have been running me raged! Unfortunately/fortunately our last game this high school season was yesterday. I had meetings all day today, but only a few more meetings and all-star games and high school season is wrapped up! That'll leave me 2 full weeks volleyball free before junior olympic season starts! I am sooooooo ready for that time of just teaching and spending time with my hubby! We barely have gotten to spend any time together over the past months. My body has also been feeling pretty worn down and I don't want my fourthies to feel the consequences from that! So rest it will be over the next few weeks. Which means, I will have time to create more wonderful lessons and units for my favorite fourth grade friends and fellow bloggers :)

Today before my 5 hour county and district meeting, hubby and I had time for one of our favorite pastimes... pumpkin picking! It was a beautiful fall day to pick our pumpkins...

We will actually have a night free this week to carve them:) I love fall weather and spending time with my handsome man! I'm going to enjoy the last few moments of my weekend with him:) lessons and ideas to come this week! Have a great rest of your Sunday funday blog world!:)

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