Fun Friday means FREEBIES!

I know I'm breaking the 2 posts a day rule, but I absolutely love the Freebie Friday linky party, and I just had to link up real quick. So this will be short and sweet! (at least as short and sweet as I get since we all know I love to talk!)

Last week in my room we began our Chapter Book studies. One of the things my students were most excited about in 4th grade reading is that to them, 4th grade meant they "get to read more chapter books!" {insert excited 4th grade voice here.} I use this big time for differentiated instruction, and my groups and books are by DRA level. In order to keep this organized, I have a binder for each class, which has 5 groups. I will blog more about this later, but today you can pick up my group data sheets for free here!

My next freebie came to me today! We have been working on making our writing more "vivid and colorful" in our classroom. My fourth grade friends have been using lots of vivid adjectives and adverbs this week, and let me tell you, their writing is improving! I wanted a word work activity today to practice adjectives, and so my "Roll the Adjectives" activity was formed! I am now working on an entire roll the dice unit for different parts of speech for word work, but you can pick up the first piece, adjectives, at mt TPT store. There is a black and white as well as a color copy for whatever your needs are. Here's a preview. Click on the picture to download it for free!
(p.s. I was SO excited when I saw Melissa's free bright chevron paper over at Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late. I snatched this AWESOME freebie up and already used it on this pack! Get yours here)

Enjoy your Friday Freebie shopping everyone :)


  1. Thanks for the freebie. Love the name of your blog. I want to start a blog and as I go through blogs I think what could I name mine because they have used all the good names. Yours fits my room exactly. Love it! I will enjoy following.

  2. Love the freebie! Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for exciting new ways. to help my kiddos spruce up their writing. This seems like a fun way to do just that.
    I'm your newest follower thanks to the Teaching Blog Addicts Freebie Friday.
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach