I heart giveaways and followers!

I have to say, one of the most exciting things about this whole blogging experience has been gaining followers! It is so hard to do... and I get seriously giddy when I log in and see I have a new follower!!!! :) So today, when I saw Melissa over at Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late was now following me, I was so excited! I love reading comments and was pumped about the comment from her:) Low and behold, I head on over to her blog, and find she is having a 100 follower giveaway!!

 I have to say, I'm slightly jealous! I cannot wait until I have enough followers for a giveaway! I'm thinking maybe at 50? :) Anywho, her giveaway is absolutely WONDERFUL! It includes one of those awesome quiet pencil sharpeners that I would just DIE to have in my room.

There are SO many great activities from many wonderful blogs on there as well! I will keep my fingers crossed and hope I win:) You should head on over and check it out for yourself!

I also HAVE to share that I just finished my last DRA!! They are all in the computer, logged on the folder, and filed!!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!! I have 56 students, and for those of you that have to do DRAs I know you can relate. For those of you that don't, they take FOREVER!! They are a good reading formative assessment tool, but with this many students, it's tough. Needless to say, there will be a few yummy drinks in my future this evening:)

Happy Friday everyone :)

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