Substitutes and FREEBIES!

I don't know about you... but I would rather come to school sick than have a sub! It just seems that so many times it becomes more of a hassle. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some WONDERFUL subs out there! But I always seem to get the good ones. I was out yesterday, feeling very under the weather, and I left DETAILED... I mean DETAILED plans! Come on people, ya'll know how CRAZY we teachers get with our plans when we're gone.. wanting things just so. Now usually, I just wouldn't have the sub do anything new. But with Christmas break coming up, we just HAD to get some things finished. I mean I put instructions in three different formats, even in a Smartboard lesson for the sub to pull up to remind him! What do ya know.. I get here today and my kiddos inform me of all the things he didn't do. I mean, blatantly ignored my instructions...... REALLY?!?! After a few "Mrs. Cap, he didn't tell us to do that either!" I was ready to go absolutely nutso, wacko, scream and pull my hair out crazy! I took a deep "belly breath" and just retaught it all... ugh! Happy Friday, right?! :)

Thank you all for listening! For being such wonderful listeners, I am linking up with Freebie Friday to share with you some things I'm using in my classroom!

We have been working on Figuartive Language in my classroom, and focusing on Metaphors and Similes this week. I wanted my students to be able to really understand how to write similes so I created this freebie for them to write similes all about themselves, someone else, and then do a fun homework with similes. Here are examples of some from my room and you can pick up your free copy here.

My teaching partner and I were trying to think of a fun game to play with the kiddos next week during our Holiday party that wouldn't be too messy, but still fun for our fourthies. So I created this fun Holiday Charades. Simply print, cut into strips, and place in a hat or bowl for students to pick from! We can't wait to play :) Click here to download your copy for free!
I hope everyone enjoys these freebies!
I just want to end by saying how thankful I am to work in such a wonderful community. I can only imagine what everyone in Connecticut is going through right now. Let's all send lots of thoughts, love, and prayers their way during this difficult time.

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  1. Ha! You had me at Amelia Bedilia! Thanks for this freebie! I'm your newest follower (and I'm having a fun linky- swing by and link up)!

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