Almost ready!!

I have to start by saying that I LOVE summer. There's nothing better then a reading a good book by the pool on a sunny day :) However, with this late school start this year, I am anxious to get back into the swing of things! Our first official teacher day is Tuesday (September 4th) and our first day with our kiddos will be Thursday! I cannot wait to meet the little yahoos :) 

In the meantime, amidst all the chaos of getting my classroom ready, I've also been trying to enjoy these last few days of sunshine and pool time. Today I spent all morning in my room, and managed to wrap everything up just in time to get to the pool for a few hours before our game tonight. I definitely enjoyed some good old romance novel reading... but in preparation for the school year I of course felt the need to do some educational reading as well. So I finished up my reading of...
A great resource that I am going to utilize in my room this year!

I cannot wait to go in early next week and take pictures of my classroom to reveal to all of you! I have to say, I absolutely LOVE it. It feels so much like home and is completely my personality. It just adds to my excitement to go into work everyday; I hope my kids love it as much as I do :)

My Cricut certainly got its use today as well! (Talk about classroom necessities, I just have the mini cricket and I couldn't survive without it; thank you Aunt Dawn!!)

Here she is, working hard even at home tonight after working hard all day!!

I was able to make some great bulletin board letters and my birthday cupcakes for my birthday bulletin board!

My last item on my agenda tonight....
Lots of laminated stuff to cut out! This is the last of it and I am of course enlisting hubby for his expert cutting skills ;) 

Here's to having my classroom done and a few days of relaxing before the school year is underway! Enjoy your Friday everyone :)


Introduction to Cyberspace

Hellllllloooooooooo!!! (I feel as though I am saying this in an echo to the empty audience as of now!)

As I sit here on this dreary Monday working on bulletin boards, classroom management, and lesson plans, I thought.. why not write my first blog post?1 So here I am, in my last week of summer, hoping for tomorrow to be my last day in my room so I can enjoy those last few beautiful, intoxicating, warming rays of sunshine before my little ray of sunshine students come in!

Where to start I asked myself? Well... let's do a little getting to know me :)

My name is Amelia Capotosta, but many call me Aimey (I know, weird spelling!) Of course as a child "Amelia Bedelia" books were all of the rage, and although I was named after my great grandmother, I couldn't help but be annoyed by the endless references to the every clumsy, literal-minded housekeeper! So, "Aimey" was adopted! And I won't even go into how we got the spelling this way (let's just say it's amazing I learned to spell my name in kindergarten..."Amy? Aime? Aimee? Amee? Aimy? AIMEY!"

Anywho, I taught 6th grade Social Studies this past school year, but this year I have moved districts back to my hometown of Wadsworth, Ohio, where I will be teaching 4th grade Language Arts and Social Studies.. and I couldn't be MORE excited!!! {Insert balloons, streamers, and crazy smiley face here!}

I have been married to my FAB hubby for a little over a year and he's quite the hunk if I must say so myself...

What a stud!

Okay, one more wedding picture since I just got all sentimental looking back at them again! :)
My FAV photo from the special day!

We have a lot of wonderful friends from high school and college that we still keep in touch with constantly, and love spending time with them!
Our large, beautiful wedding party and closest friends!

Hubby is a Mechanical Engineer and definitely the ying to my yang (corny, corny, I know) but it's true! I'm the love to read, book worm, history loving teacher, and he's the math and science loving engineer... hopefully our kids will be covered with homework help one day ;) 

Other things about me: I am a Varsity Volleyball coach at the school I taught at last year. Although it keeps me busy, I love it! I also coach JO (travel) volleyball in the spring. Needless to say, although hubby was a college basketball player, he's learning to love the sport of volleyball! 

I love to run and workout, AND eat lots of unhealthy food like chocolate and chips.. oxymoron, I know! I am incredibly bubbly and smiley! I talk fast, often, and loud. My students last year would say that "Mrs. Capotosta must drink a lot of adrenaline every morning!" I don't like coffee, tea, or really anything of the sort. I can go for the occasional Starbucks specialty cup, but for caffeine, Diet Coke is my habit of choice! (Yes, I'm one of those... COCA-COLA PLEASE, no Pepsi!)

In my free time I enjoy designing wedding invitations, programs, etc, reading OF COURSE, and relaxing with the hubs:)

I HEART all the wonderful teaching ideas out there in the blog world, and I CANNOT WAIT to share my ideas and learn from all of you wonderful fellow educators on here! 

Here's to a great year and a fun blog! :) Special shout out to Christina Wagers over at for being my inspirational reading this past school year, and the reason I wanted to start a blog! Thanks for being so fantabulous Christina! :)