Oh, how PiNtErEsTiNg!

Okay, I'll admit it.. I am secretly blatantly addicted to Pinterest. Ever since that little icon inviting me to join came from one of my good friends, I spend way too many hours pouring over clothing I HAVE to get, recipes I will {hopefully} make, and SOOO many wonderful teaching ideas! Whenever hubby sees me on my phone scrolling, the first thing he asks is if I'm pinning again. So naturally I HAD to link up with The Vintage Apple for her Oh, how Pinteresting linky party!!

Stripes, scarf, leggings, and boots.. it doesn't get ANY better for me!!

Cute way to check for writing conventions.
Gotta love the terminology... my kiddos crack up when I tell them to make sure their sentence has swag!
Can we say LOVE? What a cute teaching outfit!! {are you seeing a stripes, boots, and scarf pattern? ;) }

Spicy Chicken Rigatoni...just like Spicy Chicken Chipolte pasta from Cheesecake Factory (easy recipe)
My husband's Italian pallet would LOVE this spicy chicken rigatoni. Definitely a must try here on a non-game night!

To die for maxi dress! Love the stripes :)

Story elements packet
I LOVE teaching story elements. What a great packet, and it's FREE!
so necessary
*someday... what a cute onsie:)

I could do this for hours! I LOVE this linky party! :) I can't wait to see what everyone else pins! Happy Thursday <3


Teacher, teacher! Where are you? {Sub freebie!}

And so it begins, those dreaded days of training, meetings, and missing crucial class time. I don't know about you, but my kiddos tend to freak when they have a sub! Lots of "Well why were you gone?! We needed help with so and so..." Luckily, we usually have pretty good subs, so I know my yahoo's are in good hands :) I just hate being out so early in the school year, and tomorrow afternoon we have DRA training so I'll be gone. In preparation for that, I have been working on completing a detailed, yet simple sub pack! For lesson plans, I usually just make my own a lot more detailed, and make sure we are working on things the students are comfortable with, nothing new. *Update: We are in week two of Daily 5. Our Read to Self stamina is up to 13 minutes!! We have also been practicing Buddy Reading up to 10 minutes using I read, You read, and taking turns reading our books. We have successfully learned and continued to implement Check for understanding, Back up and reread, Cross-checking, and Tuning in to interesting words! I am so proud of my fourthies for all they have accomplished!

So tomorrow my students will be continuing work on these, and our writing focus of identifying and using the 4 types of sentences! Here is a link to my sub pack/binder.. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me! :)

Enjoy this FREEBIE and enjoy your week! :)

Classroom Reveal.. FiNaLlY!!

All right, now I know I pinky promised that I would do a classroom tour last night, but unfortunately I got home from our game at 10:45pm. This lil' teacher had to get some sleep so she could be bright eyed and cheery for her fourthies today! Especially because they are SO fantastically amazing and bring me things like this to start my day...
How adorable of one of my little yahoos, right?!? She even told me how she told her mom she HAD to buy them for me because I match my classroom, and they would make me smile! That certainly started off my Tuesday well!

So now you know my color scheme.. here we goooooo!

My cute little wreath on my door and the view from my door!

Here is a view of my front left of my board! The far left is our school and district wide rules, The Grizzly 5! In the middle is my behavior management clipchart. This is also a school and elementary district wide standard, however I opted not to use cards, but to make this cute little Pinterest project instead! The right is our schedule for the day. You can pick this cute little schedule up here at my TPT store!

Homework board and a view of my students desk!

Love my welcome banner and Daily 5 bulletin board!
This is the side of my student's cubbies!

 My desk :)
View from my desk of the room

This is our Word Work station! Once introduced, there will be many more files of activities.
Student book baskets! I teach two classes, so one class always had blue items in my room, one is always green!

At each group of desks, extra supplies

Writing center. This will also continue to grow as we introduce work on writing!

Library book bins! The blue are fiction, green are Non-fiction. They are then labeled by genre and leveled.

My FAVORITE part of the room and the reason I had to use this schoolgirlstyle.com theme! THE TREE and reading corner:) Isn't it so warm and fuzzy?!? Don't you want to curl up with a good book under that great tree?! I love it and so do my kiddos! At open house that was the first thing they all said, "LOOK AT THAT TREE MOM!"
CAFE bulletin board that will grow as we add strategies.

So I LOVE my room! Thanks to schoolgirlstyle for the inspiration! With it being my first year with fourthies, it was a lot to undertake the decorating of my room this year, but I LOVE the way it has turned out. I still have things I want to do, but I have to remind myself (and hubby keeps reminding me) that I have to tackle it all one project at a time! I will continue to update as I add to it :)

Happy Wednesday ya'll! Enjoy your school day and thanks for stopping in for a tour of my room!

Short but sweet

Happy Tuesday! I'm on a bus ride to another game (we won Saturday by the way.. Yahoo!!!) so I thought I'd post a short update! It has been a phenomenal week so far! We have kicked off read to self and our stamina is at 7 minutes! The kiddos love book shopping and are so into their books! During our check-in, they were so anxious to talk about their success today.. They were so proud of themselves and it made me so giddy to see it!!!!!:)

Time to go coach! I am going to do a classroom tour hopefully tonight if our game doesn't go too long so check back in!!! Here's a sneak preview for now! Later gators:)


Bus ride boredom

Well, since I haven't updated ya'll on my first 2 days, I figured nows the time to do it! I am sitting on a bus on a rainy Saturday at 8am, for an hour bus ride with my volleyball girls. Our tri-match is two hours away, so I thought what a better idea then to blog! Low and behold, I found blogger has an iPhone app... How nifty!!

Now I know I said I will do a classroom tour, and I pinky promise, cross my heart that I will soon! But first, here's a little update on my first two days and a small preview of my room!

(did that photo work?? Not sure with this app thingy, it's hard to tell!) If it did, there's some of my desks, all ready for my fourth grade friends:) I met my fourth graders outside on our first day, and they were as chipper an cheery as I was at 8:55am!! (No sarcasm here!) Right off the bat I was excited to see they were a smiley group:) we spent our first day going over rules and routines. Of course, I threw a few icebreakers in there! We did a classroom bingo, and Two Truths and a Fib! They LOVED the second one. All day they kept asking if we could do more, and on Friday too! (I'll include a freebie of that activity on my next post!) we finished the day with high fives and hugs, and they all left smiling... And so did I!! My day finishes with a GREAT performance by my volleyball team on Thursday night! I was so proud of them and it made getting home at 10pm bearable:) Friday was even better as we starting building our writing stamina with our stories "A summer to tweet about". They loved writing these and are so excited to make our birds on Monday!

It was a successful first two days! I haven't stopped telling my husband how much I LOVE my new school, my amazing coworkers, and awesome students! I feel SO blessed to be in such a great school and district!!

Time for me to stop blogging. I'm getting car/bus sick! Hopefully it doesn't take much longer:) Wish us luck at our two games!!


OH BOY! I cannot believe it is the night before the first day of school! I feel like one of my students, all giddy, nervous, and excited!!! I cannot wait for the kiddos who didn't see my classroom and that I didn't get to meet at Open House to come in tomorrow. I just know it's going to be a great year! I actually had FUN at meetings today with my co-workers.. and we got stuff done! (Lots of fun common core analyzing/aligning with standards.)

Anywho.... I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this September currently linky party!

I have to say.. this Fantasy Football thing might be kind of addicting (but shhh..:x don't tell my husband that!) I'm always getting on him for spending so much time with it.. but he's in 3 leagues, you can't blame a girl, can ya?!

Did I mention that I have AHHH-MAAAAZING friends?!?! Sarah and Emily have been two of my closest friends from high school, were in our wedding, and we still are all so close! (Sarah is actually my assistant volleyball coach too!) So I got a text from them about a half hour ago, telling me to go look on my porch.. and this is what I find!
Naturally, I was screaming with excitement and hubby had to come out to see what was the matter! I was so excited for this neat-o gift! They are SO thoughtful and certainly made my day! :)

This is the card that was in it explaining the kit! I may have shed a tear after reading this, thankful for all of their support and love. What an amazing idea. It is so nice to have people support you and reaffirm why you do what you do :)

Here's a picture of my favorite new running shoes.. motivating me to get those runs in even when I'm on a tiring teacher schedule!
It won't let me rotate it the right way.. but you can get a good idea of them here. I just think they are too cute:)

I will upload pictures of my last fav, my classroom, hopefully tomorrow or Friday when I do a classroom tour!

Now I'm off to pack my lunch, put on some pjs, and cuddle with hubby until bed time on a SCHOOL night! :)

See ya'll on the flipside tomorrow!

Tired feet, but excited heart (and a freebie!)

With the first teacher in-service day, open house, and a varsity volleyball match behind me, all I gotta say is phewwwwww! I picked up my weakness: a Mcdonald's double cheeseburger with big mac sauce, fry, and medium diet coke on the way home to perk me up :)

This will be a short post, but I had to update on my excitement! I've been excited all summer for this new teaching experience and adventure, but after today I have definitely reaffirmed my decision to make this move in my career! I work with a great bunch of teachers in a great school. Meetings were productive today and I got a lot done in my room! Open house was wonderful! We had around 30-40 parents between myself and my team teacher, and our Powerpoint Presentation went great! We are definitely the loud and fun team and darn proud of it ;) I took Christina's idea over at Second Grade Sugar and Spice and created these behavior management magnets to fit our school wide behavior management policy; "The Grizzly 5"

I've included the link to my TPT store that includes this freebie! As stated in my product description, I will gladly customize this for anyone who would like it for their room! I laminated these, cut them out, and put a sticky magnet on the back to pass out to all of my parents at open house. We explain to the parents that they can keep this on their refrigerator so students are reminded of classroom expectations and their is a consistent flow with home management and school. Our parents LOVED the idea and were excited to use them at home! :) 

I met some great parents tonight and a few of my new kiddos! I can't wait to meet them all on Thursday!! I'm off to bed, to get plenty of Z's for a big day of classroom work tomorrow. Tired feet but excited heart... I can't wait!!! :)


Soaking up those last few rays & being crafty!

I have to say.. one of the things I'm most excited about with blogging is the linky parties! How fun to have a little online pow wow with some ahhh-maaazing teacher blog buddies! So, I was so excited to see Tara over at 4th grade frolics share her Monday made its! So here are some pretty nifty additions to my new classroom this year..

Classroom made it #1

I LOVE (big ol' heart) my pick me pot for this school year! I can't wait to use this to call on my kiddos when school starts. Those boring old popsicle sticks just weren't cutting it for me anymore. Thank you to Pinterest for the inspiration to spice it up a little bit! I used a label from schoolgirlstyle bird theme and a 3" scalloped punch from Hobby Lobby to create these. Then I just glued them to popsicle sticks and here they are! I love how it turned out :)

Classroom made it #2
My brown polka dot valances! (The boring number line has since been taken down!) I was pretty proud of myself for quickly whipping together these wonderful no-sew curtains to match my classroom theme this year. I do not claim to be a master sewer in any way, so I thought I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself (pat on own back!) I love that they are simple, and now with my entire classroom they look perfect!!

I CANNOT WAIT to do a classroom reveal on here! It is done, but I plan on taking pictures this week and posting. Tomorrow is our first teacher day, and the kids come on Thursday... so it's begun! I cannot wait to kick off this school year :)

So on that note, I have to post a picture of what I spent most of my last few hours of summer doing...
Enjoying the POOL! Here's my seeeester-in-law's boyfriend, SIL, and hubby (told you he was handsome;)) They're all pretty great, huh?! We had a wonderful day laying out and catching up in the pool (they live 2 hours away), cooking out, and eating lots of food! They even made a visit to my classroom to see what I've been up to!

I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day and enjoyed time off with family and friends :)