Motivational MoNdAy.. on a WINDY Tuesday

Pigs must be flying.. we got a HURRICANE/wind day here in Ohio! I have to say, when I got the call last night that school was off, I was probably more giddy then most of the students! I know all of you teachers out there can relate! Funny thing, in our staff meeting yesterday even our principal was agreeing that it just seemed like it was going to be a long, tiring week. Top it off with me being sick... this day couldn't have had better timing! 

Now I know I just posted, but with a little bit of time on my hands as I'm spending my day cleaning and getting some lesson plans done, I couldn't resist this awesome Motivational Monday linky party! Blogger friend Sara over at Smiling in Second Grade posted this awesome linky party.

On rainy, cold, and windy days (much like the last few days have been) we all NEED a little motivation. So here's what keeps me going when the going gets tough....

This is pretty much what the bulletin board by my desk looks like! Put quotes like this by your desk as daily reminders of how wonderful your life is!

I really need to print this out and have this on my mirror.always been one of my favorites. There is something greater out there to help us and guide us.. never forget!

For those times that we are all working to get back into shape! I always remind myself that I still have to put one foot in front of the other to walk, so I might as well run!
something to rememberI try to remind myself this with my students... showing that we care about the little things, will make them care about the big things!

Dumbledore is the manI LOVE me some HP! I actually had a little mini marathon this week rewatching the movies. I always use Harry Potter for examples in class when we are discussing literary elements. The books have SO many great messages! As teachers, we can always find ways to motivate, even when our motivation is down.. just keep looking until you find that light that burns strong!

hahahah I had to include this one... I got a big laugh out of it!

Ya'll are wonderful!! Enjoy the rest of your day. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this crazy weather!

I'm OBSESSED with graphics... Linky party!

I was so excited when I signed on today to see Casey at Second Grade Math Maniac started a new linky party! I already spent sooo much time looking through all of the bloggers that linked up! I LOVE graphics.. it's actually quite an obsession! My students know that Mrs. Cap never passes out plain paper! In fact, funny story... The other day I had my students taking notes on a story elements graphic organizer. I asked them to cut out the page and glue it into their spirals. One of my students accidentally cut off the border from the page.. you should have seen his desk buddies faces! He actually re-glued the pieces of the border back together and onto his page because he knew how much I loved cute graphics.. haha gotta love my kiddos! I've only just recently really begun to venture out into the expansive graphics world that has been unknown to me.. but I have spent HOURS poring over page borders, backgrounds, and clipart images.

So when I'm on one of my graphics stalking hunts.. here's the places I frequent:

I absolutely LOVE The 3AM Teacher graphics! She has awesome page borders and backgrounds, and I just love her themed clipart packages! I get seriously giddy when I see she has a freebie download on TPT! :)

Graphics from the pond has awesome pictures that make lesson plans oh so cute!

MyCuteGraphics ButtonMyCuteGraphics ButtonMyCuteGraphics ButtonThis is probably my most frequented! I love this website because they are all FREE and PERFECT for teaching! They are geared towards teachers for lesson plans and worksheets and I  just LOVE all of Laura's creations!

So, where does your graphics obsession take you?!

While were on the talk of graphics.. I have to share with you two of my FAV new creations. I {heart} Halloween! So naturally I had to make a Halloween themed spelling unit for my favorite fourthies! They were so excited to see these words on their weekly reports that went home Friday! I would show you a preview of my unit that I created, but my photo upload on Blogger is being DUMBO! It keeps saying I need to sign-in to Google, and then errors. It only lets me copy and paste photos from webpages, and since my preview is a file.. I can't insert it :( You'll just have to take my word that it is cute and awesome with some great graphics and go on over to my TPT here and check it out!

Another thing I have to share is that I have been loving Daily 5, and my students have too! Surprisingly  their FAV station is Work on Writing ( or WOW as we like to call it!) Students get SO excited when they see that WOW is their station. They love the creative writing prompts that allow them to write fun stories. And I love it because they are producing some really AWESOME writing. So I decided to create 10 writing prompts for every month of the school year to keep at the writing center! So far, they LOVE them! You can pick up your very own school year writing prompts here!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.. I'm going to go carve pumpkins with the hubby! Enjoy your week, bloggers :)


Sunday Funday!

Welllll... I know it's been a while blog world. I apologize; volleyball and teaching have been running me raged! Unfortunately/fortunately our last game this high school season was yesterday. I had meetings all day today, but only a few more meetings and all-star games and high school season is wrapped up! That'll leave me 2 full weeks volleyball free before junior olympic season starts! I am sooooooo ready for that time of just teaching and spending time with my hubby! We barely have gotten to spend any time together over the past months. My body has also been feeling pretty worn down and I don't want my fourthies to feel the consequences from that! So rest it will be over the next few weeks. Which means, I will have time to create more wonderful lessons and units for my favorite fourth grade friends and fellow bloggers :)

Today before my 5 hour county and district meeting, hubby and I had time for one of our favorite pastimes... pumpkin picking! It was a beautiful fall day to pick our pumpkins...

We will actually have a night free this week to carve them:) I love fall weather and spending time with my handsome man! I'm going to enjoy the last few moments of my weekend with him:) lessons and ideas to come this week! Have a great rest of your Sunday funday blog world!:)



CURRENTLY... I have to say, this fall is kicking my bootaaaaay! With volleyball season being such a busy time, and school in full swing, sleep and rest have definitely been on the back burner. Maria (my fantabulous teaching partner) and I keep saying that we'd just like to sit and stare at a wall for a few minutes and thing of NOTHING. Or even, read a book for pleasure *sigh*. Oh well, a gal can dream, can't she?! There's nothing better during a busy time though then to find a time to blog, especially when Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade has a currently linky party happening!

Listening to silence can be nice some days.. especially when it has been a CRAY CRAY week like it has over here! We've had bookfair and Grandparents week.. so our school has been hustlin' and bustlin' up in here!

I am absolutely loving my school spirited nails! My nail genius, Molly, rocked this past appointment with her creativity for my spirited nails! EEEEK!! :) I super BIG pUfFy heart <3 chevron and sparkles! So I love my red and sparkly nails with my chevron ring finger! So FAB! 

I have been LOVING this sunny, crisp, Fall weather that we've been having! I love rocking the boots, leggings or tights, and big sweaters to school! Plus, I LOVE fall bonfires. We had a school pep rally and bonfire last night that Christina over at Second Grade Sugar and Spice organized for our school and although it was freezing, it was great!

Wanting: I have WAY too many books, but I just can't get enough! When I see my kiddos match my enthusiasm for reading, I can't help but buy more to keep our classroom library packed with fresh, new literature! So this week the book fair has been calling my name everyday! It takes every ounce of will power for me to avoid heading down there all of the time (plus, my husband LOVES seeing all of those scholastic charges to our card, I know ;) )

Needing: Speaking of that hubby of mine... *I MISS HIM* :( We always kid around that we only get to say good night and good morning to each other all volleyball season long, but as we're getting well into the third month of season, I'm totally over not having hubby time! I can't wait to actually have part of Sunday (only one volleyball meeting) to spend with him this weekend!

Book: Moonlight the Halloween Cat was a new book that was introduced to me by our librarian. I needed a book to discuss predicting, inferring, and evidence, and I wanted a quick read to model before Daily 5 time. This one turned out GREAT! My yahoo's were into it, and it had great opportunities to practice all three skills.

Thank you for reading my blog and ramblings! I promise, the next one will be a little more educational ;) Love ya'll out there in the blog world!

Hump day *FrEeBiE!

Happy hump day everyone! I have to say, it is a tiresome and weary one for me. I had a tough time putting on my usual smiley and happy face for my fourthies this morning. During our game last night one of my varsity players dove for a ball and hit her head on the floor, hard. She was losing feeling in her legs and we had to have her taken out by EMS. This was a tough time for both my players, and me. All you parents and coaches out there, I'm sure you can relate. Seeing one of my girlies go down that way is like seeing my own child go down. It was tough to sit there holding her hand and keeping her calm while we waited for EMS. Last night was tough as they moved her to different hospitals, and we are still waiting to hear results. For those of you that do, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

But, as you all know, I must teach on! So today my yahoos and I talked about being "voracious readers!" They were SO excited to learn this new fun word! They've been walking around all morning saying it, and it just puts a smile on my face :) One of my students approached me a moment ago and said, "Mrs. Capotosta,  I have a voracious hunger for my lunch!" That certainly brought a giggle out of me, and my fourth grade friends! (See, that's why we LOVE teaching!)

After we talked about this new strategy and idea, I introduced them to our book reading logs. They were so excited! My students have D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) homework for 15 minutes every night. They have to record the title and page numbers in their planner, and have it initialed by a parent. They have been great about it so far this year (Fingers crossed they keep it up!) Now, when they finish a book, they will record it in their log and rate it. We use this to share books we like, and to see trends in the types of books we like to read. Plus, students love seeing all their hard work on paper!

You can pick up my reading log for FREE here:

We also started DRA testing this week (we've been testing RTI kiddos during separate times, but this is the first whole group time.) I complete these DRA's during Daily 5 time. So today I introduced.. THE CROWN! This is an idea I used last year that I picked up from a blog, and unfortunately I can't remember which one (I'm sorry, kudos to whoever's idea it was!!) My students now know, if I am wearing the crown, then I am working on something very important with another student, and they are to respect that students time with me and not ask any questions! They see our VIP of the day if they do have questions.
Here I am wearing the crown! (I dislike self portraits, so of course had to make a fun face instead!)

My team teacher and I call ourselves the "queens" of the school since 4th grade is the oldest grade, so the kiddos LOVED this new idea! They were whispering quietly "shhhh, she's putting the crown on.... It's important business... don't bother her!"

It worked great for our first time, and I love the idea.

My yahoo's are coming back, so it's back to the school day :) I'll keep you all posted on my volleyball girly. Thanks for your thoughts!


I'm back with Monday Made It!

Hi fellow bloggers! I am SO sorry I have been MIA for the past week, but let's just say that my life has been CRAY CRAY to say the least. With volleyball season still in full swing, and still getting acclimated to the new school year and yucky allergies, I haven't made much time for blogging. But that ends now! I vow to blog more.. I enjoy it and I hope I have some readers who enjoy reading :)

First, let me update you on the past week of my life! Last weekend I enjoyed some time with the hubby on Saturday at his college homecoming where he played in and was a STUD in the alumni basketball game (<3 proud wifey). And he let me do some great shopping at the outlets, which was bomb! Then I spent all day Sunday doing a hair photo shoot for a good friend's runway portfolio. Now let me just say, I am by NO means a model.. so this was a learning experience for me! I have to tell you, mad props to those models... I was actually sore the next day from holding positions! Here's a pic of my good friend Sarah and I before our hair was all done up...

We were on our way here to a long day ahead of us!

Then, this past weekend was my first without a game and a while. So hubby and I decided to head to Sugarcreek to meet up with our good friends for the annual Swiss Fest. This is our third year attending with them and we always have such a good time!

Here I am with our good friend Mel, waiting for YUMMY in my tummy steak sandwiches! So good.. and we topped those off with homemade apple fritters.

On the way back home, Mr. stud and I decided to hit up another fall festival and go to our local cider fest (can you tell we LOVE fall??!)

So now you're updated! (I'm sure there's lots more.. but that's enough of boring old me for now)

For Monday Made it I have a few things I'm excited to share! First off, I love my display board outside my room for my students' great work! I hadn't posted a picture of it.. so you'll see it below.

#1 My first project was to spiff up the display board with better clothespins! I wasn't loving my drab old wooden clothespins.. and what do ya know, Pinterest came to the rescue! And voila, the sparkly, glittery clothespins were created!

I used scotch double sided tape, cut it to the size of the clothes pin and tapes it on, then rolled it in glitter! I gave it a good old shake, then lined up all my clothes pins. I finished them off by spraying them vigorously with some hairspray to keep the glitter in place. So far, they've held up well!

Here they are on my student work display area holding their summer stories. The sign reads "Hanging our best work on the line!"

#2 Student test-turn in
I don't know about ya'll, but my yahoo's tend to forget the little things with they're testing! Like name, number, or even just skipping one question. Also, I can't stand with kids stand over the turn-in bin looking at other students answers. So, I decided to create a little sign with handy reminders for the students. My students know to place their paper under the sign when they turn their test in the bin.

You can find my download at my TPT here for FREE:

#3 Whole Class student journals
We are in the full swing of Daily 5 and my students are LOVING it!! They are enjoying every station so much, and I love to see their enthusiasm and their excitement as they are learning. Probably the most favored station so far has been Work on Writing! (Shocking, I know.. I am so impressed that that have taken to share my LOVE for writing!) Anywhoo, I created these two whole class journal prompts to kick off using whole class journals this week. I plan to continue to add to this each week, so check back for more often! The students already LOVE reading each others stories, and writing their own.

You can find my download at my TPT here:

Time for me to get some sleep now so I am energetic and loving for my fourthies tomorrow! Night Blogger world.. until next time! (Which will be sooner, PROMISE!)