I'm in a circus.. and it's FREEZING!

Yes, I live in Ohio. Yes, I know I have signed up for the crazy weather that the 4 different seasons we have brings. Yes, I know winter is unexpected, long, and depressing here. And yes, I understand that we go days at a time without seeing the sun. But come on mother nature, we had 60 degree weather a week ago and it was -14 here yesterday with the wind chill! (Which by the way, -15 means no school... REALLY MOTHER NATURE!?! You can't give us one measly more degree so we at least get something out of this bitter cold?!) And of course, since it's cold outside, our school just has to be freezing. So today I am dressed in lots of layers and staying bundled! All of you out there in blogland that live in nice warm places, give that sun a little extra love today. BASK in the glory of sunshine. And while you're at it, send a little my way please :)

Anywho, that's my vent for the day! I had a really good day though, promise.. despite that little vent :) Did everyone else have a good day? Well when I popped into Katie's blog over at Little Warriors, I couldn't help but see that her post was PERFECT for how I've been feeling! So I'm linking up with her for the "Juggling Life" linky party! You should head on over and link up too :)

Little Warriors
By the way, HOW CUTE is her button? :)

So where to start? Well, I think you all know by now that I like {LOVE} my job! When I say I enjoy work, I mean it. But every teacher out there knows what it's like to be overwhelmed and feel like you're always putting on a juggling act! So, I'm in a circus :) What am I juggling? Not apples or oranges, but school, coachingX2, being a wife, family, blogging, and a new house.

How do I make it all work. One word: HUSBAND. Yes, he is that awesome. I am in awe of him every. single. day. I don't mean to get all lovey dovey gushy on ya'll, but he's that great! And what's more, he works long hours, so he's busy too!

I LOVE to coach, but it is really hard being a highschool Varsity coach and coaching JO (Travel volleyball.) I love it, but boy does it take A LOT out of me. This past weekend we were in Maumee, Ohio (near Toledo.) Hubby made the overnight trip with me and was incredibly supportive to drive all of that way, and give up two days watching 15 and 16 year olds play 9 volleyball matches. But, I have to say, my girls are AH-MAZING and make it totally worth it. Here are the cuties themselves:

Juggling family and friends with all of this can be hard. In fact, I had to miss one of my closest friends baby shower this weekend for our tournament.. {super sad face.} Yes, volleyball comes in the way of life MANY times. So hubs came to the rescue once again as he helped me prepare 150 of these ham sliders, decorations for tables, cakes, and presents for the shower before we left for our tournmanent. Did I mention he's amazing?

And of course, there is school. The never ending business! School has been crazy lately. With OAA's fastly approaching, we are ALL feeling the pressure of preparing our kiddos for these statewide tests.  We are doing practice OAA's this week, so on top of all of the grading I have to do, there's these puppies to add to the list:
Gotta love this huge stack of tests to grade! Although I am very SUPER proud of myself for getting half of them already graded last night! YAY anti-procrastination!
Blogging is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. So although it does keep me busy, I can't imagine my life without it! I have met so many great teacher-friends on here, and gotten so many great ideas, I love to do it :) So I just gotta keep squeezing time in my schedule to blog!

Thank goodness my husband is so understanding, because many times I have practice till 10 or later and we don't see too much of each other some weeks. He gets the supporter of the year award, for sho'!

And there's our new house. Whew, I love it.. but it overwhelms me when I look at Pinterest or other craft ideas I have saved. I have so many fun things I want to do, but so little time!

How do I keep this all organized? Many of you I'm sure have better systems, but I stick to my handy dandy desk calendar, and my iphone/Macbook. Those daily reminders of what I have going on keep me sane, maybe not uber organized, but definitely doable! I have my calendar color coded so I can quickly glance at the things I have going on.
I am also going to the store right now to get myself fun colored file folders to get all of my copies for the week, lesson plans, and activities organized! I have been meaning to do this for a while, but of course procrastinated. Organization, HERE I COME!

The one thing I am proud of myself for getting done on time, is my teaching Nonfiction Text Features pack! We began our nonfiction unit this week using my MLK pack, and the kiddos are loving reading nonfiction books and learning about MLK. Next, In this pack I have the directions on how I teach it, the materials to build a nonfiction text features anchor chart, a printable nonfiction features flipbook for each individual student to have and take notes in, many other nonfiction book activities. I cannot wait to use it in my classroom, I hope you can get use out of it in yours! Click here to download it at my TPT store. Here's a preview to what you'll be getting:

Sorry, I know this was a long post! Thanks for listening :) Link up and share how you juggle everything you have going on!  I get so much inspiration from this little blog world. I would love to hear from all you amazing teacher in your comments on how you stay organized :)

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