100 Follower Giveaway and a SALE!

When I saw I had reached 100 followers.. I jumped for joy. Like seriously. Now I'm a good amount over 100, too! YAY for followers :) Guess what I'm most excited about? I get to have a giveaway!!! I feel like a 6 year old "I've always wanted one of these!!!"

I reached out to you followers, and had some awesome responses to participate in my giveaway! I got 9 AH-MAZING {wonderful} bloggers to participate!! Two of you lucky ducks will get a chance to win some awesome stuff!

Here are the prizes:
Here is our STAR starting line-up of 9 STUD players you can win prizes from! Click on each of their pictures to bring you back to their blog!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! May the force be with you :) Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting me on this wonderful journey so far. I truly appreciate every one of you! I feel as though I am becoming a better teacher each day through this experience and I am glad it is going to continue :)

As if a giveaway wasn't enough.. I am also throwing a SALE in my TPT shop!! Everything will be 20% off from today until Saturday to celebrate you amazing followers and give a little thanks!! Head on over and SHOP! :)

I'm off to enjoy dinner with all of my family tonight in our new house!

Also, I'm linking up with Sunny Days in Second Grade for Show and Tell Tuesday!

Check out my blog post here about what my classroom looks like :)



It must be giveaway week, people! Which of course, is wonderful! I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS! Can I get a what what?!?
I am ecstatic about this and am happy to announce that I have 10 bloggers that have volunteered to participate in a giveaway!! Stop back in on Wednesday when the giveaway will start to enter and get a chance to win items from some amazing bloggers:)
Speaking of giveaways...  I am participating in an amazing giveaway over at Tonya's Treats for Teachers. She has 700 FOLLOWERS! You heard me right, 700! Isn't that amazing? Seriously. She inspires me.
There are 26 different bloggers participating and giving away some amazing prizes! Click on the pic to head over and enter :)

Also, I wanted to share a little freebie with you today to make those Monday blues go away. I needed a quick little check for some of my readers during Read to Self so I made this little reflection sheet for them to complete once a week after Read to Self. I get some meaningful feedback from it! Click on the picture to head on over to my TPT and download. Enjoy :)



I have a bridal shower today for a wedding I'm in and I haven't had a chance to log on since Thursday! Needless to say, I was pumped when I saw I am over 100 followers!!! I know it may not seem like a lot, but I am so excited to reach this lil' milestone! So, I want to host my first giveaway!

If you want to join the team, leave a comment with your email and I will email you with more details tomorrow! :)


I got a hall pass!!

Wouldn't that be great? If us teachers could get a hall pass and leave the room to collect ourselves? Heck, even just to use the restroom when we need to! I know I'd love that over dancing around my classroom until lunch or planning ;)

Reagan created this great linky for teachers to take a "hall pass" from our room and share some! So here's mine.
P- Product in my TPT store. I am still building my TPT store, but everytime I add a new product, it becames my fav:) I went back and looked though, and it's tough to pick, but if I haaaave to, here's my fav:
This has probably been my most popular item I've uploaded on TPT, and is definitely one of my favorites to teach! It is a great comprehensive pack that has a day by day lesson plan, posters, worksheets, center activities, and other things to teach 1st and 3rd point of view. With the new common core standards, point of view is big for both literature and informational text, and this works well to teach it! If you click on the picture you can pick up a copy at my TPT store :)
A- Area in your classroom. I asked my kiddos about this, and their favorite area by far was our reading corner/library. I have added to it a ton since this picture, and I will have to upload a new one soon! They love the colorful rugs, comfy chair, and book options. I have also added two more comfy stools and ottomans. The tree is their favorite! I have students write the title of a book they read on a leaf and we add it to the tree when they finish :) They love this!

S- Signal to get students attention. Honestly, this totally varies with my kiddos! They are some wild and crazy yahoos this year, but usually they stop and give attention when I ask. During stations, I have a Smartboard timer that goes off and makes funny noises like trumpets, drums, squawks, etc. They automatically rotate quietly when they hear this. When I want their attention, I use "Clap twice if you hear me" or of course I have a little fun and occasionally say things like "Stand on your head if you haer me!" this always makes for fun reactions :) I'd like to get into a little more whole brain teaching and use their signals. Any suggestions on these for fourth graders? :)
S- Sanity. The way I keep my sanity at work is through two things. 1) Diet Coke. This precious little drink gives me energy when I have none, and makes me happy :) 2.) My co-workers. Our staff is AAAWESOME. This is the first job where I have ate lunch in the lounge every single day because I enjoy the interaction with each and every one of my colleagues. It is wonderful to de-stress, vent, and rejuvenate for the rest of the day! :)
So what's your hall pass? Head on over to Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits and link up and share :) 

Budding Blogger... WAHOOO!!

So I have to say, when Amanda told me she would feature me for her Budding Blogger Showcase, it was like a celebrity emailed me! Seriously, I gave such a loud shout that my husband came running in to see what was wrong! Then he shared in the giddiness with me!! Then my teaching partner did the next day, too :) This is going to be a short but sweet post, because I'd love for you to head on over to Amanda's blog and find out a little more about me and this little ol' blog of mine! Click on the picture below to go to it!

Also, in honor of this amazing occasion, I am having a flash sale at my TPT store!!! Today and tomorrow EVERYTHING will be 20% off! Head on over to my store and do my favorite thing, SHOP! :) Thanks for stopping in! Don't forget to check back on Friday when my Common Core Informational Text aligned pack will be completed!

Later gators :)

Show and Tell those books your reading!

I love Sunny Days in Second Grade linky party, and I love books. What's better? When they're both combined!
This week's theme: Read Alouds

Let me start by saying that like many of you, I read aloud A LOT in my classroom. I would still love to do it more, but I fit it in every second I've got! There are SO many great books that I have found, and I am always looking for more. I use picture books and chapter books with my fourthies. Here are a few of my favs:

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. This is always a book I read aloud early on to my kiddos when we talk about theme. It teaches acceptance, and loving yourself, uniqueness, and so many other valuable lessons. It's funny, too, and my kiddos love it!

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs and Yo, Hungry Wolf! I use both of these when I use my Teaching Point of View Pack. The first is such a fun story, and has my kiddos and I cracking up. The second book, I test out my wonderful rapping skills and entertain my kiddos with 3 hilarious stories about the big bad wolf! 
I love the lessons about changing the world and making an impact in Miss Rumphius. It is one that I think leaves my readers thinking even after the book is done.

Shiloh. A classic that I can't go a year without reading. My kiddos usually join me in the tears and triumphs of this great tale!
Fourth grade wouldn't be complete without our Judy Blume, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I read this one aloud to my kiddos, and this usually gets the ball rolling of them all wanting to read the whole series! Great books for engagement.

One of my absolute favorite books to read and a series that got me truly hooked on reading when I was in elementary school. I do an entire 6-8 week unit on this book towards the end of the year (which I will blog about later) and I absolutely LOVE teaching it. My students always love it, and it keeps them engaged and excited! Such a wonderful adventure to read.

Link up and share your favorite read alouds! I can't wait to read about them :)

Lastly, I want to share with you a preview of a little something I've been working on. One of the hardest part about the new Common Core I think, is incorporating enough informational text into my lessons. I decided to create a pack that covers all of the informational text standards for teaching and quick review. For each standard I have an "I can" poster, a mini-lesson to learn the standard, and reading passages with questions to check for understanding. I am about halfway done and I hope to finish by Friday! Here's what it's starting to look like:

I would love to have some editing and feedback help on this, so the first person to comment on this post  with their email will receive it for free if they don't mind editing it first! :)

Thanks for following and listening everyone! Have a great Wednesday!

FIVE for Friday and FREEBIE!

I know, I am fashionably late for these two linky parties, but hubs and I were in for some much needed one on one time last night, so blogging came second! I am linking up with one of my favs...

Five random things about my week...

1.) I know I've said this a million times, but eTech conference was AH-MAZING! I learned so much in 2 short days. I was EXHAUSTED when we came back though. Leaving at 4:30 am was not the best when your brain will be working nonstop for 48  hours. I think I actually fell asleep in the shower yesterday morning. Yes. Asleep. In. The. Shower. Yes, that's a first for me people! Look at my previous blog posts to see more about the wonderful conference!


Valentines Day was a huge success! Total, utter, chaos.. but a success! My kiddos had a great time, and although I was exhausted, so did I. Gotta love when parents come in and say "I don't know how you do this everyday!"
Operation give our second grade teacher a break was a huge sucecss. She has  ROUGH class this year behavioral wise, so we've been working to have my fourthies work with her second graders to give her a little breather. It has been going great!
4.) We have mastered prefixes/suffixes! My kiddos had a GREAT time with the prefix/suffix unit I created. I used it in many ways during centers. I used some of the cards where they to match them up and record their pairs, some I had them play "memory" game with, and others I had them play go fish. They loved it! We really seemed to grasp the concept, yay! Click on the picture to pick up your own copy..
5.) Our Famous American projects are up and running SUCCESSFULLY! I am SO impressed at how well my students are filling out the research cards, finding information, and even remembering to record their sources on their bibliography. We wrote part 1/3 of our report today. They did a great job! For those of you that picked up the product at my TPT store, here's how I used the notecards:
For most kiddos, we cut them out and put them on a binder ring. I'm bummed you can't see the writing in the picture, but this kiddo did a GREAT job on his research. His cards were written in such detail. We talked about how to take each question and turn it into a sentence.
For my kiddos that need a little extra guidance, we cut out the cards and glued them on our spiral pages. Then, the students used each question to turn it into a sentence on that page. It made it much easier for them to stay organized.
I will keep updating with our progress on this project! If you like what you see, click the picture below to download! :)
Of course I can't leave you without a Friday freebie. Here's a little writing center activity that has been a huge hit in my classroom. Students blindly "pick" a character, setting, and problem. They then have to use these to write a creative story!
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend everyone! Don't forget to pick up my President's Day Abe Lincoln Craftivity and ELA activities for next week! :) To make it a little more fun, I will randomly choose one comment below to give this product to for FREE! Tell me how you will use this in your room. Ready, set, COMMENT! :)


I'm loving it...

A day late, I know. But I couldn't resist a {love} linky party! So I'm linking up with Growing Kinders for...
Things I'm loving...
My hubs. It goes without being said that this stud muffin is the #1 person in my heart. Just looking at this picture makes me miss him! I know, I'm getting all lovey dovey on y'all, but we didn't get to spend Valentines together because I had practice, and a tournament this weekend, so we'll finally get to celebrate this day of love Sunday night :) Can't wait, babe!

My family. They are my rock. I have so much support from BOTH sets of parents that it is overwhelmingly wonderful.

My co-workers. What an amazing group. It makes this job that much better! We actually had a "B & B" this morning (b* and Bagels) I'll let you all decide what the b stands for:) It was a hoot! We all share frustrations, shed a few tears, support each other, and share warm and fuzzies! It is a great way to end a week and we plan on doing it once a month!

My Valentines nails. My girly girls LOVE when I get my nails done.
Valentines Day celebration with my kiddos! Yes, it was crazy. Yes, I was EXHAUSTED afterwards. Kids that are normally calm and good were literally climbing up walls. I had a sticky hand get stuck to my ceiling. I still loved it! They got me SO many gifts. I was floored! They are such little lovey doves! I also got this idea for the Sprite Valnetines from Rikki Lee. I have SO many allergies this year, this was perfect!
Sibling time. While in Columbus for the eTech conference, I got to have lunch with my seeester in law and her boyfriend. I don't get to see them nearly enough, and miss them dearly. It was great catching up. And they're coming home this weekend, yay!
Technology. My brain and body are still exhausted from the eTech conference and all I learned. Let me tell you, it was SO beneficial! If you haven't yet, read my blog post about my technology revelation while I was there. I learned so much in the 2 days, and I can't wait to use it all! This was taken during one of the key note speakers, who was AH-MAZING. His name was Max Brooks. Made me want to see him in action in the classroom! Such an inspiration to get technology really integrated into my classroom more.
Country Music. I have so many favorites, but the song Cruise by Florida Georgia Line is my fav. I can't listen to it with out belting out every word. My hubs finds it hilarious!

All right everybody, link up! Tell us who/what you love! I can't wait to read :)