I got a hall pass!!

Wouldn't that be great? If us teachers could get a hall pass and leave the room to collect ourselves? Heck, even just to use the restroom when we need to! I know I'd love that over dancing around my classroom until lunch or planning ;)

Reagan created this great linky for teachers to take a "hall pass" from our room and share some! So here's mine.
P- Product in my TPT store. I am still building my TPT store, but everytime I add a new product, it becames my fav:) I went back and looked though, and it's tough to pick, but if I haaaave to, here's my fav:
This has probably been my most popular item I've uploaded on TPT, and is definitely one of my favorites to teach! It is a great comprehensive pack that has a day by day lesson plan, posters, worksheets, center activities, and other things to teach 1st and 3rd point of view. With the new common core standards, point of view is big for both literature and informational text, and this works well to teach it! If you click on the picture you can pick up a copy at my TPT store :)
A- Area in your classroom. I asked my kiddos about this, and their favorite area by far was our reading corner/library. I have added to it a ton since this picture, and I will have to upload a new one soon! They love the colorful rugs, comfy chair, and book options. I have also added two more comfy stools and ottomans. The tree is their favorite! I have students write the title of a book they read on a leaf and we add it to the tree when they finish :) They love this!

S- Signal to get students attention. Honestly, this totally varies with my kiddos! They are some wild and crazy yahoos this year, but usually they stop and give attention when I ask. During stations, I have a Smartboard timer that goes off and makes funny noises like trumpets, drums, squawks, etc. They automatically rotate quietly when they hear this. When I want their attention, I use "Clap twice if you hear me" or of course I have a little fun and occasionally say things like "Stand on your head if you haer me!" this always makes for fun reactions :) I'd like to get into a little more whole brain teaching and use their signals. Any suggestions on these for fourth graders? :)
S- Sanity. The way I keep my sanity at work is through two things. 1) Diet Coke. This precious little drink gives me energy when I have none, and makes me happy :) 2.) My co-workers. Our staff is AAAWESOME. This is the first job where I have ate lunch in the lounge every single day because I enjoy the interaction with each and every one of my colleagues. It is wonderful to de-stress, vent, and rejuvenate for the rest of the day! :)
So what's your hall pass? Head on over to Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits and link up and share :) 

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  1. I totally agree on adult interaction to save sanity!! :) I eat lunch with my teacher buddies every day too!!
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