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What Did They Say!?
So here's a few of my favorite "Outta the mouth of babes" quotes lately:

"I forgot to take my pill today that makes me less hypergetic!!!!" (said while running around like a crazy man!)
Said by a first grade friend to his teacher after I visited their classroom "I wish our classroom always smelled like her. She smells like cookies and cupcake dream."
After telling one of my fourthies I liked his sweater "Well duh Mrs. Cap, I gotta look good for the babes!"
And one of my favs.....
Every night our students have to D.E.A.R read for 15 minutes and have their planner initialed by their parents. One student informed me, "Mrs. Cap, I don't have my D.E.A.R signed. My mom had a rough client at work and found the found the bottle of wine when she got home. She was NOT in the mood to sign my planner!"

Who couldn't love a job where stuff like this is said everyday?! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness all of those quotes are HYSTERICAL!!! I hope I smell like cupcake dream too! Lol.

    It's amazing what the kids will say... I wonder if their parents realize that they repeat some of the stories to us in school!!!