I totally LOVE Fridays.
For the obvious reasons. DUH!
And for the fact that there are some FAB linky parties that I {love} linking up with!

First up, Doodle Bugs Five for Friday!

Five random things about my week:

1.) I made it through it!! Let me tell you, this was a tiring one. After getting back from New York late Friday night, having coached 12 volleyball matches, and been in a gym for a total of about 30 hours in two days, I knew it would be an exhausting one. Toss in 2 practices, and parent-teacher conferences with some challenging kiddos parents, it's a miracle I'm awake and cheery :)

2.) Our volleyball program did a Harlem Shake video. It is currently being edited, but let me tell you, it will be HILARIOUS! We have some seriously good dancers, and such characters in our club. Here's a picture of my team and I in our get-ups!

3.) Our Famous American reports and brochures are DONE! These little yahoos worked SO hard and I am so proud of them!  Now onto the Living Wax Museum. We will spend next week writing our 30 second speeches and practicing them to memorize them! The students are SUPER excited for the museum. Our whole school is going to take turns coming to visit and walk through the museum, and parents are, too! I can't wait to share more pictures of all of it with you! :)

4.) It's still snowing here in Ohio, and yet... no snow days! We actually had a hurricane day earlier in the year.. really Ohio?! I just want Spring weather and sunshine. Okay, that's all of my complaining!

5.) I have an addiction. To books.
Seriously. I buy WAY too many.
My poor husband.
But how can I resist these beautiful works of literature, that inspire my kiddos, smelling that wonderful new bookish smell? So of course, every few weeks I get the urge and by a few a lot of new books! Here's this weeks bundle :)

I am also so happy to announce some amazing winners in my giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!
Christina Marie won prizes from all of the starters who participated in my giveaway, and a $10 TPT giftcard! Yay, Christina! :)

Cierra Harris over at Adventures of Room 129 won my entire TPT store and a $10 TPT giftcard! Congrats, Cierra! :)
Freebie Fridays

Of course, since you read through so much I couldn't leave without giving you a freebie! There are a lot of moments where I enjoy reading aloud to my kiddos, but want a little feed back on their comprehension. So I use this quick little story elements graphic organizer for my kiddos to fill out with any book, and it reviews our story elements. Pick up your free copy here
Happy Friday, have a GREAT weekend! :)


  1. The Harlem shake photo looks hilarious!! I completely understand your book addiction... I have the same thing!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

    1. It was hilarious! i can't wait until the video is done to show everyone :)


  2. What a busy week. I hope you can relax this weekend.

    The First Grade Princess

    1. It was! Thank you so much! I've gotten some relaxation time with hubby, family and friends in :) Hope you had a great weekend!


  3. The living wax museum sounds like so much fun!! And, you can never have too many books! (At least that's what I tell myself...)

    All the Dots

    1. It is SO much fun! The kiddos are so pumped and so am I :) Haha I tell myself that ALL the time!