Tried it Tuesday and a Mother's Day Craftivity!

Stressed students.
Stressed teachers.

(There's my little poetry for the last day in April!)

But seriously, I wish testing was over already. My kiddos and I are exhausted! I also have a bladder infection that antibiotics haven't TOUCHED for the last few days, so hours of monitoring the room and not being able to leave are TORTURE!

Okay, I'm done complaining! I want to share a few things we've tried this week and link up with Holly! Sorry, this is a little mumble jumble of a post :) Bare with me people! ;)
My first "tried it" is actually an at home one! Hubs and I went to Ruby Tuesday during Lent when we were on our super strict diet, and I got their Spaghetti Squash. I LOVED it. So, I went on a mission to make my own! Last night we made it with my homemade sauce and grilled asparagus. It was DELISH! I highly reccommend it! (I couldn't believe how low calorie it is!)
Another "tried it" is motivating my kiddos! We began our day with Kid Present's Pep Talk (if you haven't heard of Kid President, youtube him now!) While watching we ate our Lucky Charms for Luck on the Test!

It has been a stressful but successful week so far!

The end of the week will be fun as we are going to begin our "The Sweetest Mother" craftivity! It's a cute, easy craft to make, and lets the kiddos be descriptive!
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Manic Monday with lots to share and a FREEBIE

Is it Friday yet?

Oh goodness.

I shouldn't even say that.

But really, this weekend's volleyball tournament KICKED my bootay! We got home at 10:30pm last night after coaching for 12 hours and 3 hours in the car, yuck! Add into it that tomorrow is our Reading OAA (standardized test) I am one big ball of stress!

So are the kiddos.

We've been using my ELA Test Prep pack to practice our skills and talk about strategies, which has been interactive, but we needed something exciting for today!

So guess what we did today? HAD FUN! That's right, we HAD FUN with test prep!!!! Here was what my kiddos saw when they walked to my room this morning...

We decked out our doorways with Grizzly colors to get us pumped for the OAA! I {LOVE} my impulsive kiddo in the bottom picture, he's totally in the spirit!

We then took our kiddos (all 56 4th graders) down to the gym. To get them ready for our sports themed prep, We read the book TEAMMATES aloud to them. (My AMAZING teaching partner read most because my voice is shot after this weekend!)

If you haven't read this book to your kiddos, you totally should. It is wonderful for Social Studies because it integrates with Civil Rights and what was going on in the world at the time. My kids made SO many connections to our Civil Rights movement unit! They completed the graphic organizer as we were reading that covers: main idea, theme, character descriptions and comparisons, point of view, problem and solution, and summary. You can pick up this graphic organizer for FREE here. Please leave me some love if you get to use it :)

Next, we geared up for our active OAA prep! We played DODGEBALL!!

When students got out, they had to answer either a Reading or Math Common Core question to get back in! If they got it wrong, they went back to the end of the line.  It was rapid fire for us teachers, let me tell ya! They were SO into it and got A LOT of much needed stress out. We are going to do the same with kickball on Wednesday before the Math OAA Thursday. (For a run to count they have to answer a question right.)

Then we made little "STAR" post-it notes of encouragement for me to shuffle and put on the kiddos desk tomorrow morning along with their parents letter!

They made some wonderful STAR notes!

Last, I wrote out a blank banner with "Do Our BEST On The Test" and let kiddos write strategies, advice, and encouragement. It is HILARIOUS! I will hang it outside our rooms tomorrow so they see it when they walk in!

("If we all get at least a score of 500 we're going to DISNEY!") PERFECT words of encouragement! HAHA
 LOVE that the questions are things we cover!!:)
 The finished product!
Then, when they went to special I left these little notes on their desks with Smarties attached to the back (Thanks to Jessica at The Polka Dotted Teacher for this amazing note!)  THANKS Jivey for reminding me where I got it :)

 We feel READY for the test... BRING IT ON! :)

On a totally different topic, my co-workers CONSTANTLY tell me I should share what I wear to school each day on my blog (I have a slight obsession with clothes) so I saw a linky for it and thought that I better link up! Here's today's outfit (I'll try and do this more, I swear!)
Navy Blue Shirt-TJ Maxx:$8, Striped button down-Forever 21: $6.50, Red Skinny Jeans-New York and Company: $16, Boat Shoes- Highland Creek (DSW): $25

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Motivated Students=Success!

This past week is now a blur.
Not because it went by fast.
No, because it went by INCREDIBLY slow.
It was test prep week.
Yes, I did my best to make it fun for the kiddos, I really REALLY did!

They were ecstatic to play "SCOOT" with my ELA CCS Pack Task Cards, and they loved making our test taking strategies booklets and silly strategies..
It's still test review.. and we still had to do some quick "practice" tests.

To motivate them and "reward them" I had a "donut standardized test" on Friday. They LOVED it! Just this little motivation and destressing spark had them excited and ready for the test! One student told me "Mrs. Cap, I am most excited for Tuesday because I know I am going to ROCK the test!" (I say that all of the time so it was great to hear them believing it!)

I am going to show you my pictures from the week here because my Five for Friday and Friday Flashback was a little overloaded with images, I think!

So though it was long, the students became motivated and I feel we're ready for next week! Bring on the test :)

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