All about Testing on this Friday

As I know many of you can relate, we are in full "gear up for testing" mode! I have been trying to make reviewing with my kiddos as painless and fun as possible, and so far, so good! Here's a look into our week and the things we have been doing to get ready, plus some other fun we've been squeezing in! (And a freebie at the end!)

1.) Remember when I talked about the crazy scary safety training day we had before break? Well our kiddos had their training today. We went into full barricade and defend lock down mode for two drills this week. My kids did wonderful. We talked for so long after about all different scenarios. It is so sad that they have to be prepared for these types of things, but I was so proud of how they handled it. Here's my room when they barricaded it:

2.) We talk about test taking strategies ALL year, but we have really vamped up our discussions! Using my "Common Core Review Packet" posters, we discussed strategies and made little foldable booklets. My students LOVED making these! Here are just a few of the so many amazing ones...

They are so artistically talented!

3.) Using the task cards from the same packet, we played Common Core "SCOOT." (Thank you to Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper for introducing me to this game!) The kiddos LOVE SCOOT, and so do I!
My Smartboard during SCOOT so kiddos can see how much time they have.
As part of my pack of task cards, there are 4 "Brain Break" cards for students to give their brains a rest. They get seriously giddy when they get to a desk with one of these!

4.) Volleyball was fun and productive this week. As usual, my girls were hilarious! I met my girls that I drive to practice at my house after a meeting I had, and found three of them giggling, only to look up and find one of them in a tree in our front yard! Nearly gave me a heart attack, but they are a hoot!
5.) Our kiddos graduated from "HUDDLE" today. Our high school leaders threw them a party, complete with.. you guessed it, LOTS of sugar! They loved it, of course... and I had a headache by the end :) But it was a good end to our week and I'm SO glad they had fun!

The pack I am talking about above has been working SO well in my class so far. I sent home the common ELA terms for kiddos to study before the big test. I created this pack based on my need for my own classroom, and other classrooms in my district. There are currently 36 task cards in the pack, 11 reading test strategy posters, 40+ ELA terms study guide, and recording sheet. They have been working hard on them at home. We have been reviewing testing strategies in class, and I even let my kiddos come up with 4 silly strategies for their foldables. They LOVED this. Here's a preview of the pack:
Right now the pack is price pretty low for what you get! I will be adding more task cards as I create them to review with my own class, and as I do the price of the pack will go up! If you buy it now, you will get the cheaper price and get to download the updates :) So download here now and get it for cheaper!

In addition to all the "seriousness" of testing prep, we did have some time to get some Earth Day fun in! We read the book "The Lorax" and made our Lorax Craftivity! We wrote about "How we speak to the trees" and ways to save our earth. We will be watching the movie next and comparing the two! You can pick up your own Lorax craftivity here.

Thanks for reading  this LONG post! Just for that, here's my freebie! Pick up our cute "testing signs" and "Code the Question" posters for free over at my TPT store! Click here to grab these freebies!

Happy Friday everyone! :)


  1. I love your Scoot Smartboard timer! We have started "playing" Scoot a lot in math this year and my kiddos love it! I will have to whip up a cute little timer of my own! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Thanks for the freebie and your foldables look great! We haven't had one of "those" kind of drills yet, but I know it will be scary! I love that you took time to talk about it with them after-they're lucky to have a caring teacher!
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