Spring Break Five for Friday Flashback and a work in progress!

I'm on Spring Break so my 5 for Frida/flashback isn't that exciting, but I'll still share some stuff with ya'll :) Hubs and I are off to a zoo trip here shortly since we actually have decent weather here in Ohio today.. yahooo!! He's taking a half day to hang out with me :)

I started off my week finishing my most proud of TPT product: 
I got some much needed R & R time, sleeping in and relaxing!
I also ate sweets and meat for the first time in 2 months (I told you this post wasn't that exciting!) Lent is over and I'm loving life! 
Easter was a BLAST with hubs.. like seriously. How did I get so lucky?! He got me an ADORABLE purse, AND an entire basket full of all of my favorite candies! I sent him on a hunt in search of beer bottle clues to find his basket!

I was able to go running everyday so far! I love having time to work out and feeling energized enough to do it :) The first two days were yucky runs in below 30 degree weather, but the last two have been great in sunshine and 50-60s! Hoping to keep this spring weather :)

Lastly, after being featured on the "Budding Blogger Showcase" over at the amazing Amanda Madden's blog, many of you bloggers asked me about a Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe lapbook that I do with my kiddos! (You can read about it here) I decided to work on making it "TPT worthy" and I'm ALMOST done! It is usually one of the last things I do with my kiddos because it reviews every Common Core Reading Literature standard. I hope to have it posted in time for Monday Made-it! Check back to see :)

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm off to do some shopping and enjoy the zoo with my hubs! Enjoy those last few days of break for those of you that are on it :)


  1. I did the same beer box basket for my hubby. I like the idea of they hunt with the bottles, may have to do that next year!


  2. What an awesome Easter! Beer for him and purse for you? Doesn't get much better than that! I'm impressed you're willing to run in freezing weather - that's dedication!

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  3. I am so glad that I finally noticed ya as another 4th grade blogger! Love your new Michael Kohrs purse.
    Antonia @ forkin4th