Flashing Back, freebie and giveaway!

Oh Friday, how nice of you to finally make an appearance!!
I am ECSTATIC that we are DONE with testing.
Like I can't hide my excitement.
In fact...
You might find me skipping down the hall today (I learned from the best 3rd grade teacher across the hall!)
In fact, I think I'll skip the rest of the day in joy :)

So, because of testing our week wasn't THAT exciting. But we did our best to make it good! Here is a recap of what we did!

We started the week with a "Celebration OAA Kick off!"
 And had a "training day" where kiddos had to answer OAA Math and Language Arts questions to get back in for dodgeball, or to make a run or shot count in kickball or basketball. The kiddos LOVED it! Interactive learning at its' finest :)

We squeezed in some poetry for the last week of April. We used the Poetry Palace TPT product and they loved it! My favorite (and their favorite) were the shape poems! They made such wonderful ones in their Poetry Notebooks!

We started working on our Mother's Day craftivity!! We made these cute little cupcakes and wrote about all of the reasons are moms are "The SWEETEST with a cherry on top!" They have just done their rough drafts so far, and will write their final copies on their craft next week! This is a product in my TPT store and PERFECT for our little learners to make for their sweet mom's. You can pick it up by clicking here.
We celebrated the END of testing week with a little "relaxation and a movie" party. We made the VIP passes from the amazing "We Rocked the Test" freebie, and kiddos used those to get into our VIP only party! We had punch, popcorn, and chips, and watched Where the Red Fern Grows because we just finished the book (which I bawled even though I've red it 10 times, and all my kiddos cried too!) It is such a classic!

My volleyball girls always know how to put a smile on my face.. and after a ROUGH week to say the least, (kidney infection topping it all off) I walk into practice to see them setting the net up like this... They are just TOO cute, right?! So OF COURSE I had to take them to get icecream the last half hour of practice:)


(How cute and hilarious is my team! Of course I jumped in for the photo shoot, too!)
I also want to share  FREEBIE with ya'll!! One of the biggest things we struggled with for test prep was using context clues. So I found this great book and my library! It is PERFECT for using context clues.
The whole book has words written in different languages, I listed these words on a worksheet, and as I read students had to use context clues to figure out the real meaning. They were laughing and loving it! And then they started calling their pencils "zimulus" and their desks "deski's". You can click here to download the freebie!
Also, don't forget.. my Wild About 200 Followers Giveaway ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! :) There are SO many great prizes to win.. make sure you enter! Click here to enter :)

Lastly, I am SO SO sorry for not posting my FLASH freebie on Facebook yesterday! LIFE got in the way, and with a practice ending at 10pm, getting home at 11, and a kidney infection.. I went to bed! So today, I will have TWO flash freebies! That's right, TWO! Make sure you follow me on facebook. There will be 1 sometime after school, and 1 this evening! A great chance for you to pick up one of my products that's been on your wishlist :) HAPPY FRIDAY!
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  1. I'm so sorry you had a kidney infection this week! I know that was a rough week for you with that included!!! And I LOVE Baloney for context clues- I'll have to grab that freebie. :)
    ideas by jivey

    1. It was certainly a rough week, thanks for the love!! I'm glad you'll get to use it :)

  2. Oh my gosh what a cool idea combining questioning with PE!
    I'm definitely doing that from now on!!! I need to compile a massive list of questions!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

    1. Thank you!! It works wonderfully!! I just create notecards of questions or use task card from my TPT store :)

  3. I love Baloney! Thanks so much for the freebie!!

    Ugh, a kidney infection during testing?!? Doesn't that just top it all off?? Ugh. I'm so glad the testing is over for you and I hope you are feeling better!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Glad you love Baloney, too :) UUUGH, YES! It was seriously the WORST! I will hopefully be feeling better this weekend! :) Thanks for the love!

  4. Cute!! I'm one of your followers!

    Follow me:

  5. Thanks for the freebie. Context clues always seem to be so hard to teach. My boys have this book. Guess it will now become one my "teacher books". Following your blog!