FRIDAY Bragging Rights and a FREEBIE!!

You know when your kiddos are behaving really well, but you don't want to say it out loud for fear or jinxing it?
Welp, I'm saying it!
It was a GREAT week.
My yahoos behavior was spot on, they worked so hard, and totally impressed me! So this Friday I HAVE to brag about them and showcase their work :)

1-We've been working on our Narnia lapbooks! This is my 3rd year teaching it, and I am more impressed than ever so far. The kiddos are WAYYYY into it. When I tell them to get out their Fantastic Folders, they are literally GIDDY with excitement. Which of course, makes me excited :) When I stop reading the book, I get so many groans from boys and girls alike, they almost convince me to keep going (and sometimes I do!) What's better than students motivated to read? They ALL want to read the rest of the series over the summer. SCORE!

So far on our lapbooks we have completed our first few pages in our vocab flipbooks, our About the Author, our Wardrobe Setting, and our Social Grams. Here's some photos because I am totally bragging about their awesomeness!

{They had to draw the wardrobe room on the outside, and Narnia on the inside}
{I was SO impressed with my fourthies on these because my Social Gram is hard. They have to give 6-8 traits to describe the character, tell how they feel about another character, AND find dialogue that shows personality of their characters. They did amazing!}

2.) The wedding we were in last weekend was amazing! The bride did such a phenomenal job of planning, and we had so much fun! I LOVED our bridesmaid dresses! (I'm 2nd from the left)

3.) I've finally been remembering to post about outfits I wear! Like I said before, teachers I work with always tell me to put them on here and share since I love fashion so much, so I am trying! Funny thing about this week, it was 40 degrees at the beginning, and 80 degrees by the middle, so outfits were changing quite a bit! :)

4.) We have an unbelievable volunteer at Lincoln Elementary. Everyone calls her Grandma Gale (she is actually the grandmother of one of our 2nd graders.) She has been around for a few years as her grandchildren have gone through Lincoln, and she has the 2nd grader, and one more. We want to keep her forever! She is at school the same hours we are, and does SO much. She helps clean, teach, prepare, and pampers us teachers! SO many times we come in to catered lunches that she's ordered us or other treats. So, after Teacher Appreciation week we decided to have a "Grandma Gale appreciation week" ending with her birthday on Friday. She got gifts each day like all of her favorite things box, flowers planted in her garden, roses, a blinged out "Lincoln's Favorite Grandma" tee, and then the last day our principal took her around to each room where the kiddos sang happy birthday and gave her a balloon! By the end she was rolling in tears with a huge bouquet of balloons! Then we had cake and icecream for her. It was WONDERFUL and well deserved!

5.) I made two of my favorite products this week and got them posted, and a fun freebie that I do every year!
This is a great center activity for your end of the year! My students were begging for a fun Figurative Language game because they LOVE figurative language. So I created this "Splash into Figurative Language" pack. Included: Fig Lang poster, board game with game pieces and 30 question cards, "I have Who has" game, Recap notes, and Comprehension Quick Check

I also made a "Snapshot of My School Year" fun memory book for the end of the school year! Every year I have my kiddos make one and they LOVE it. I decided to amp it up a little for this year! This is so reasonably priced over at my TPT shop, you should pick it up :)

Lastly, here's my freebie! I print out the cover for fourth grade (there are covers for K-6 in the pack) and I have my students complete the writing page. I bind them into one book and read it to my new fourthies during the first week of school next year. Both groups LOVE it :) You can pick your copy up for FREE at my TPT store!

Thanks for listening to my week! I am linking up this LONG post with some GREAT linky parties..


  1. Love your lapbooks. They look incredible! I am most impressed with finding the dialog to back up the traits. Nice!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. The lapbooks are seriously impressive! I love the product of course, but I love where my students take it :) The dialogue to support is definitely tough and impressive that they did so well!

  2. Those illustrations are just fabulous! How exciting to have a class that is excited and engaged with their learning! Kuddos to you! Found you through the linky, I'm a new follower!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Aren't they wonderful? I love that they are so engaged! Thanks so much for following :)

  3. Fantastic post! Love love love the Narnia projects. They are beautiful! All of your products look really great. I'm going to check them out now. The bridesmaids' dresses are really pretty! Thanks for sharing!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

    1. Thank you so much! The Narnia projects certainly are turning out wonderful!! Hope you love the new products :)

  4. Thanks for the freebie and linking up! And, I appreciate your outfits!! Your Narnia books look great! I haven't read this book with my class in years-I may just have to so I can make your lapbook!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching