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In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week there are so MANY WONDERFUL THINGS GOING ON!
A sale?
Sharing LOVE we've all been left?

Sounds like my kind of blogging day :)

First off, I want to share that I, along with many others, will be hosting a sale at my TPT store! There are so many new products of mine that you can pick up for 28% off! My sale will be extended 1 day for those of you that forget and need a little more time!

I just posted my End of the Year Class Awards for those of you that are wrapping up the school year and are ready for a end of the year celebration!

I know I am stocking up on so many products that I have been drooling over! When I went to make my cart yesterday, I realized I had 64 items on my wishlist!!!! JEEZ, right?! So needless to say, I had to cut that down a tad bit (don't think hubs would love that bill!) But I do want to share a few of my items I will be FOR sure buying!
{Love this great product from One Extra Degree! I can't wait to tie LA and SS together next year with this great pack!}
{I will definitely be utilizing this next year! I LOVE that it's survivor themed}

{Who doesn't love Christina's products?! These flippy books will be interactive and wonderful for my students!}
{Chevron AND glitter... doesn't get more perfect!! I HAVE to have these backgrounds by Glitter meets Glue Designs}

Are you stocking up on amazing teacher goodies!? You need to! Reward yourself for Teacher Appreciation Week :)

The fabulous Christina is having a great linky where we can share some of our favorite feedback!
I LOVE love, and nothing shows love more than hearing some great feedback on my products!!
{Seriously.. what is better than the kids loving it?!?! This makes me smile SO big!}

{Two WONDERFUL feedbacks on one of my favorite products. I worked so hard on making it and I love hearing how well it works for others!}

So many wonderful linkys for you to join! So many sure you link up and shop, bloggers!! :) 

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