Mentor Text, Next Years Supplies and a FLASH FREEBIE!

Happy beautiful Sunday, y'all! I'm linking up with TWO amazing linkys today!

Up first.. the amazing and lovable gals over at Collaboration Cuties! :)

Now, I don't teach Science, but like I have shared before.. my teaching partner and I really try and integrate our 4 core subjects as much as possible! So, Science and Reading can go hand in hand :) Here are two Science related books I used in my classroom to integrate Science!
I use this book usually in the first 2 weeks of school. It is just a colorful, vibrant picture book that introduces SO many concepts of Science that are covered in 4th grade. We read the book and write down each concept in a "bubble" in our spirals. When we're done, I let the kiddos share out what they think they will learn about that concept this year in fourth grade, and what they already know. It's as simple as that! A fun, easy way to integrate Science :)

I absolutely LOVE this book. It is such a great character education, Science, and Reading integrated book. This book shows beautiful nature scenes. It teaches a great lesson of blooming at our own pace and "where we are planted" and teaching children to be uniquely them. This can be used at any point during the school year, and I also have students do a writing workshop after and write what they think the theme or "authors message" to them is, and then have them write about it. 

Next, I am SO excited to link up with Pinkadots Elementary for this fun and wonderful linky!!

I have a slight ridiculous obsession with school supplies. Like seriously, my hubs cringes when he hears I've gone to Target, Walmart, Office Max, or anywhere of the like! So, New Year New Gear.. yes please!! 

Besides the basics, here are a few things I put on my students MUST HAVES list:

1.) The amazing JIVEY and Collaboration Cuties introduced me to this idea:

How perfect for writing rough drafts and editing! I know my kiddos will love these.

2.) Speaking of editing.. I HATE strongly dislike red pens! So my kiddos must have colorful ones for editing :)

 3.) We do all of our writing in our journals, and one of my favorite things at the beginning of the year with the kiddos is decorating our journals and making them "uniquely" ours. I give the kids stickers, glitter glue, and all sorts of decorations and we go to town! It makes the kiddos so excited to write in them :)
4.) We use dry erase markers at a lot of stations! I collect them all at the beginning of the year and glue poms on the back for erasers! They work wonders :)

And so many other supplies!!

My must haves:

1.) Manilla Folders and LOTS of them. I use these for my Narnia lap book and SO many other lapbooks and activities. I always order plenty at the beginning of the year :)
2.) Bright paper and cardstock! I seriously am obsessed and use it for SO many products and craftivities! Everything is so much more fun on bright paper!

What supplies are on your must-have lists? Link up.. I'd love to hear!!

ALSO, if you're already following my Facebook Page, you know I've been having some flash freebies!!! In order to celebrate the end of the year, there will be quite a few this week! I will leave hints in my statuses and these products will be free for one hour! So if you don't follow already, I suggest you head on over and do it :) All I ask is that you please leave me some feedback :) There's one going on today until 12:45pm! :)


  1. I don't like grading in red pen either. I typically use purple pens and students use green pens when they check their own work. I need a support group for all of the color paper and cardstock I purchase each year!

    Foreman Teaches

  2. I plan on using yellow paper pads for draft writing next year too : )
    I can not help myself around paper, my husband says what are you buying that for and I always say "I'm sure I need it for something". If you start a support group I would love to join : )

  3. We need to start a school supply addicts support group :) I am obsessed as well and cannot wait for the sales to start!
    I am a big fan of printing in black and white and then copying on colorful paper or card stock. Whenever Michael has their card stock sales, I always fill a cart :)

    Joy in the Journey

  4. I have not heard of either of these books but they both look amazing! They are going on my wishlist! I love that you and your partner teacher support each other so much!

    I hate red pens too. I love all of the fun, bright pens! Anything colorful. Markers, pens, etc!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. ooo I love the idea of gluing poms on the end of the markers! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  6. Thanks for linking up! AWESOME idea for adding poms to the back of dry erase markers! It's the little things that make life so much easier! Off to add poms to my list! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Pinkadots Elementary