My BBB's, Must-haves and freebies!

Another Monday done! We have 13 days left of school, which means only ONE more Monday since we have Memorial Day off! Our school is going a little later than usual this year. We are usually out before or right after Memorial Day. We didn't start school until September 7th this year (crazy late, I know) because of 5 new schools in our district being built, including our ginormous high school/rec center/public swim place, etc! So we are all COUNTING down the days :)

Anywho... I love Latoya's "Let's Get Acquainted" linky and I just {LOVE} this weeks theme: share two of your bloggy friends!
I always tell hubs how much I feel this blogging world has made me a better teacher. Why? Because of the people in it! There are SO many of you that have influenced me in SUCH a positive way, and that I LOVE interacting with. It was so hard to pick, but these two have been with me through most of my journey, and really helped me grow!

One of of my first BBB's:

JIVEY!! If you haven't met her... you need to! She is an amazing, considerate, smart, kind and compassionate teacher! I absolutely love reading all of her posts. They are meaningful and contain so many great ideas. She always takes the time to interact with her fellow bloggers, and I just love all the conversations and sharing we have! She has a wonderful Mentor Text Sentences product that I am absolutely ECSTATIC to use in my classroom next year and was definitely a MUST HAVE on TPT for me!

Next BBB?
I'm sure MANY of you already know her because she is THAT amazing. She was one of the very first blogs I started following and has inspired me in so many ways! She always has so many lesson and management ideas and I absolutely look forward to reading her posts each day. She always takes the time to respond to any questions I may have or even just leave me a little love on my posts. She is a wonderful blogger!

There are so many others who motivate me and who I love to bounce ideas off of! Thank you all :)

I also so this amazing linky over at Teaching with a Touch of Twang's blog and knew I HAD to link up! I already shared one of my MUST HAVES for next year.. but here are a few others:

A personal laminator. It was actually Holly who finally convinced me it was worth it to by my own! After countless hours spent at my school last summer, and reading her posts about her amazing one, I HAD to get one.
One of the best $30 purchases I've ever made, let me tell you! I love being able to laminate from the comfort of my own home! (Hubs DOES NOT love the laminating stuff being all over, but he gets over it ;) )

These are a MUST HAVE in my classroom. One of my favorite activities each year is decorating these with my kiddos at the beginning of the year to "jazz" them up and make them our own, personalized writing journals!

I buy SO many of these each year for making lapbooks! My favorite (as you all know) is my Narnia lapbook which requires 2 file folders because it covers so many standards! 

Lastly, I want to remind y'all of a freebie I have that we are having a blast doing in my classroom! Our end of the year class "advice" book for next years fourthies.
There are book covers for grades K-6 as well as writing pages. I have each of my students fill one out before the end of the year, bind it all into a book, and read it to my new fourthies the first week of school next year. It is simple, but so fun :) You can pick it up for FREE here!

Lastly, don't forget to be following my Facebook page! I'm having a "FLASH FREEBIE extravaganza this week to celebrate the last week of school! I will have products from my TPT store for free for one hour on some days. The clues to find out which product it is can be found on my Facebook page :)

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I have debated on whether or not to get my own laminator. I just might have to break down this summer and invest in one!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Aw girl!! You are so sweet!!!! I'm so glad we met and I love your blog, too for the same reasons you said about mine! ;-) and I love Holly too! See, great minds..... We all stick together! :)
    ideas by jivey
    Follow Me On Facebook! :)

  3. Both of these ladies are amazing bloggers and are great choices for a shout out. :)

    I also bought my own laminator this fall and can't live without it now. My family makes fun of me, but they are just jealous! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Ok, you all are solidifying my decision to buy my own laminator! Those are two amazing ladies to give shout outs to and I couldn't agree more with what you said! Thanks so much for linking up :o)

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  5. Your "must haves" are perfect. I don't know what I would do without them. Thank you so much for the freebie. I can't wait to read my students writing.

    Foreman Teaches

  6. Oh my goodness!! You are so sweet, Amelia! I still can't believe that A. you said I am THAT amazing (are you trying to give me a big head?!? haha!), and B. I am one of the first blogs you started following! Wow!! I feel like I just started blogging myself:) YOU are amazing (just look at how many followers you already have in such a short time!). I love the support we give each other:) Thank you!!