Fun day Sunday Happy Day!

Summer is already going quickly, but I am enjoying every second of it! This has been a wonderful week of family, friends, and relaxation time! 

I wanted to pop in to link up with one of my fav BBB's, the Collaboration Cuties! This week's Mentor Text linky is for Social Studies. Here's one that I use in my room with a freebie!

One of my favorite things to teach in Social Studies is the Civil Rights Movement and talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and other Civil Rights activists. 

It is such a wonderful way to integrate LA and SS and have meaningful discussions and learning. We do this with my Martin Luther King Integrated Pack, and using many picture books such as this one!

This story is about Jackie Robinson during his beginning days in the Major Leagues. He goes through many struggles of discrimination and has to learn to look past it all to focus on his goals and dreams. His teammate, Pee Wee Reese, stand up for him and pledges to be a good teammate to him, regardless of his skin color. 

I love this book and the message it sends. It is such a great tie in to Civil Right as well as Character Education.

I also tie in Language Arts skills with this graphic organizer. You can click on either picture to download it for free!

Hope you're able to use this great book! There are so many wonderful things to be done with it :)

I have to share some other good news!!! I don't know if you saw, but one of my freebies was featured today on the newsletter!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY! Oh my... I squealed/screeched/screamed with delight and scared hubs outta bed! YAHOO :)

Thank you all for being wonderful, following, reading, discussing, suggesting, and collaborating! I LOVE this blogging and TPT community.

Welp, I'm off to finish movie night with the hubs and work on my classroom decor pack. I am completing it all in my color scheme: turquoise, lime, yellow, and brown. So far in this pack I have:
-Welcome Sign/Banner
-Library Genre Labels
-Word Wall Headers
-Calendar Cards
-Month Headers
-Table/Team Signs
-Hall Passes
-Yesterday Was, Today is, Tomorrow will be posters
-Daily 5 Station Signs

I am also thinking of doing leveled book labels (DRA and A-Z levels). Any suggestions on what else to add? It is going to be a large pack! If you leave a comment with a suggestion, or just something I already have that you like I will pick one winner when I am all done to receive this product for free! :) Just leave your email with your comment!

Have a great beginning of the week, everyone! 

{Hubs on the phone, brother-in-law Andy, and seeester in law Adrienne! 
We got to see them in Columbus this weekend :)}


  1. This is a great book! I totally forget about this book! :O( I'm so glad that you linked it up! And, thank you for the freebies!

    Congratulations on being featured! Yaaaaay! That's so awesome! And not at all surprising!! :O)

    It sounds like you've thought of everything for your color scheme...I can't think of anything else off the top of my head...

    Collaboration Cuties

  2. Maybe a rules poster?

  3. Congrats on being featured! I think I actually downloaded those comma signs this year. Thank you for the book suggestion. We have a story in our basal about a young boy who plays baseball and goes to see Jackie Robinson so they'd probably pair well together.

    Literacy Spark

  4. It's funny how all our posts about content area books are starting to be about integration. :) We are definitely full swing into Common Core.
    Creating Lifelong Learners