It's Bloglovin' Blog Hoppin' Time

By now I know you all have heard/thought about/wondered about/worried about this whole new blog thing! I know I've been feeling these anxieties.

After lots of time venting with fellow bloggers and sending mass emails to Bloglovin', I am feeling MUCH better about it! I am glad Tori is having an awesome linky party to spread the BlogLovin' LOVE... and check back tomorrow for another fun one :)

Lastly, I AM GETTING A BLOGGY MAKEOVER!!! The amazing and talented Megan who blogs over at I Teach, What's Your Super Power? and designs over at A Bird in the Hand Designs
I am honestly ECSTATIC about sharing it with everyone. She was unbelievable to work with, amazingly talented, put up with my crazy attention to detail and visualization, and blew my socks off with her amazing design! It should be up tomorrow so make sure you check back to see :):)

All right y'all, I'm in Vegas so I'm off to ENJOY!! Woot woot.. see y'all on the flip side :)


  1. I loved working with Megan, too! I can't wait to see it! :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Already rolled your blog over into my bloglovin account. Have fun in Vegas! Cant wait to see the new design.
    Rock Stars At Work

  3. Your blog design looks GREAT! I love it.

    room 4 imagination