My week in pictures!

It's been a busy, crazy week! Here's a glimpse into it through photos:)
{Hubs and I had a great day Monday with these little cuties <3 LOVE them}
{We had our end of the season JO volleyball party! It was a huge success and I miss these girls already! Thank goodness I still get to see them :) }

{We had our annual Talent Show at school this week! Complete with dancing kindergartners, singing, magic shows, soccer skills basketball skills, karate, and jump roping! Our kiddos sure do have talent!}

{My teaching partner and I decided on our End of the Year Awards! They are printed and ready for next Friday's award day :) }
{We finally got back to beautiful, warm weather this week! Hubs and I were able to finish a few yard work projects after school/work!}
{Morning runs are in full swing now that it's nice out and I'm getting in shape for summer! Friday's run was extra special listening to Tim to get ready for the concert!!}
{We got SO much accomplished on Friday! We made branches of government lapbooks, and worked on finishing our Narnia Lapbooks. We finished the LWW and my kiddos actually cheered, clapped, and cried when the book was over!!}

{Silly boys wearing my sunglasses!}

{After school getting ready for Tim!}

{Best Valentine's Day gift ever from this stud!}

{Loved opening acts of Brantley and Love & Left, too!!}
{I don't know if you can see him, but Tim came out literally 5 feet from our seats. I couldn't get a good picture, but I could touch him he was so close when he walked by!! SWOON!}

{It was a fantastic time!!!}

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