What's on the schedule this week and a FREEBIE!

We are counting down the days... finally!!
We are down to 5 days to go!
So we will be beginning our balloon "countdown" today! I can't wait for my kiddos to walk in and see the balloons hanging!
I placed 5 activities, 1 in each balloon to do on that day to celebrate! I made these into cute little cards and folded them into the balloons. I also put a little confetti in the balloons to make it a real effect when we pop them! You can get the activities we do for free :)
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We have so much on our agenda this week in addition to this! Here's what we have planned..

Monday: FUN DAY! We have inflatables, kickball, and all sorts of water activities to celebrate the end of the year! "A Neon Dance party!" is in our balloon to pop for today!

Tuesday: We are wrapping up our Narnia unit by watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and having a "slumber party!" We are also starting on our "Snapshot into my School Year" books. The kids are SO excited for these!
Wednesday: We are making our Father's Day craftivity! My kiddos LOVED our Mother's Day one and kept asking if we would do a Father's Day one. So of course, I had to create one! I absolutely LOVE it and can't wait to make it with them :)
Thursday: We are taking a "Walking Field Trip" down to our local park and ice cream stand. Since our district got rid of field trips 2 years ago, these are the only ones we get so our kiddos are PUMPED! We will be using our "map skills" to find our way, then writing descriptive writings of our invention of a new ice cream flavor! We will then finish our day with our "How to Survive 4th Grade" advice for next year's 4th graders, book!
Friday: We will have our End of the Year awards banquet and pass out our awards to honor our amazing fourthies!
We will end the day with a send-off to 5th grade with streamers and music and finish with yummy build your own sundae bar!
I love my fourthies but this teacher is ready for SUMMER! Enjoy your week everyone :)


  1. You have a great week planned for your students! I really like the balloon activity. Enjoy your last week with them.

    Foreman Teaches

    1. Thank you!! Today was fun :) I will certainly miss them so I will enjoy these last few days!

  2. What a fun party :) Enjoy your super busy week!
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Love your products and your blog!

  4. Hey Amelia,
    I found you through Charts & Chit Chat's blog on the RWL book study! I love your blog name and it made me want to come look at your blog! I am now a follower. :-)


    1. Hi Tasha!! I am so glad you found me and so happy to have you following :) I can't wait to check out your blog, too!!