Book suggestions for the year!

Yes. I know it is summer. I am sorry to all of you who don't want to hear a lot about curriculum planning and getting ready for a new year... 

But, of course I can't help but plan ahead and one of the things I am looking at is picture books and read alouds I'm going to use to start the year! Of course, I wanted to share them with y'all:)

I always spend the first couple of days on rules and procedures, and try and throw some funny/meaningful/good picture books in there to reinforce getting back into the school routine. Here are a few of my suggestions that I use in my classroom:

{This is always a cute, fun one to encourage some writing about our summers!}

{Gotta love Whoopi Goldberg and this hilarious book about manners!}

{One of my favorites! Such a funny book for a little bit of the older elementary kids.. maybe 2nd grade and up! Very modern, too! talks about table manners, computer and tablet etiquette, and other manners! Silly and teachers good lessons!}

{One of my FAVORITE picture books! Such a good lesson about being yourself and appreciating individuality! The kiddos love it, too!}

The first chapter book I usually read aloud is one of my absolute favorites. We start off with...
{Oh my.. I LOVE it! This is great for grades 3-7 for a read aloud. It is adventurous, riveting, and teachers wonderful lessons! It is great to tie in with Social Studies because of the government laws and totalitarian government that is in charge. Plus, when I am done reading it, I have kiddos fighting over who gets my copies of the next book in the series! I actually have 6 COPIES of the series because it is so popular in my room. I HIGHLY recommend this if you haven't read it!}

A few of my other favorite read-alouds and literature circle books...
{Such a moving, and wonderful book!}

 {One of my favorites. I use this with my higher readers and it REALLY challenges them. They make meaningful connections and really have to explore beyond the literal. I also use the movie as a reward day, and have my students who have read it give a summary to my other students before we watch!}
 {I love Christopher Paul Curtis and this book is wonderful. So many great connections to history and opportunities for integration!}
{A fourth grade classic, hilarious, and the kiddos love it... so of course I read it! :) }

{Never fails... I bawl my eyes out at the end EVERY time! Such an amazing story of perseverance, love, and dedication!}

{The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is my FAVORITE as we all know, but this whole series is WONDERFUL! }

Hope you were able to enjoy some of these tips to read in your classroom! I would love to hear books you use! :)

I am off to enjoy a nice dinner with the hubs to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary! Happy weekend :)


  1. Tuck Everlasting is one of my all time favorite books! Dude, That's Rude looks like a great find! I'll have to check that one out!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. Excellent choices! And congrats to the both of you! :)

  3. Among the Hidden is new for me! YAY! We share so many of the other favorites that I know I will love it. PS...your wedding pic is beautiful. ;)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. I usually start the school year with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I'm excited to add some picture books to the list. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Cowgills Corner

  5. Congratulations to you and your husband. I must have missed when your blog design changed but it looks amazing. It is never to early for book suggestions - I love reading book suggestions! Dude That's Rude is one I will have to check out.