Currently... I'M BAAAACK!

Hello bloggy friends. I am SO so sorry I've neglected you all for the past week and a half. I know, I know.. I'm a terrible bloggy friend :( I have been traveling the country with hubs and family! We went to Las Vegas for the first time and stayed on the strip, stayed at a beautiful resort called Lake Las Vegas, saw the Hoover Dam, hiked lots of mountains, and went to Sequoia National Forest. It was an AH-mazing vacation.. but now we need a vacation to recover from our vacation! :) (I will post more pictures and all about our trip in a separate post!)  I am back and plan to blog LOTS... y'all are gonna be sick of me soon! 

I promise to share lots of fun ideas and goodies though!! By the way.. how much do you LOVE my new blog design? Megan over at A Bird in the Hand Designs is SO talented! I absolutely LOVED working with her and I am in awe of what she came up with! What better way to return to the blogging world then with the amazing Farley's currently?

Listening: We barely ever watch this show, but we visited the shop in Vegas so we figured we'd check out an episode!

Loving: Hubs has been off since we left for our trip last Tuesday, and is taking off until Monday. This is the longest time we've had together since we got married and are thoroughly enjoying it!

Thinking: It's already 4th of July?! Yikes.. that's like the summer halfway point! Summer.. slow down!

Wanting: It was a balmy 115-126 degrees in Vegas.. but seriously, it wasn't that bad! I'll take that dry heat over our 80 degrees and humid any day! We have 6 days of rain in the forecast here in Ohio though... seriously :( Yuck!

Needing: I have lots of grad work to catch up on and SO many TPT products in the works! I just finished up my classroom decor turquoise, lime, and yellow pack! I am obsessed with it! It is over 175 pages of classroom decoration goodies like banners, word wall headers, library labels, name tags, number labels, and so much more! I plan on posting it tomorrow and offering an opportunity to get it for free.. so don't forget to check back! :)

And with Vegas inspiration, I started working on another classroom decor pack: Neon Lights! I am in love with it.. makes me want to change my classroom colors (hubs would not be as happy, though!) haha! I can't wait to share it with you :)

Tips, tricks, or hints: Blog about what you love. If there's one thing I've learned from reading and sharing, if you don't love it or aren't passionate about it, it isn't worth sharing! That's the stuff worth reading :)

All righty, I am off to enjoy a movie with the hubs! As a thank you for all of you for sticking around... my TPT store will be 20% off through tomorrow night at midnight! YIPPEE!! Head on over and shop ;)

Make sure you check back tomorrow! I will be sharing the winner of my Bloglovin' Giveaway and a chance to win my new classroom decor pack. Thanks for reading :)


  1. I have never been to Vegas but I heard it's pretty awesome. The boy says you can really make it any type of vacation you want it to be- they have everything! Glad you enjoyed it!

    What part of Ohio are you from? I am originally from a small town east of Cleveland. Just curious! PS. Your blog design is stinkin' adorable. :)

    1. It was really an amazing trip! Totally worth it, and they're right.. you can really make it any kind of trip because there is so much to do! I am from a small town just West of Akron! We are probably pretty close! We are thinking about doing an Ohio blogger meet up soon.. we'd love to have to you! Email me at mrscap6(at)gmail(dot)com so we can add you to our list!! Thanks :)

  2. Your new blog design is awesome! Megan does such great work!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. Yay!! Welcome back! I am so happy you had a fabulous vacation!! I am with you on the weather...everyday in NY has had rain forecasted for what seems like forever! It makes it difficult to plan events. Humidity is a killer! That Decor bundle looks like it is going to be fabulous!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Thank you... it was a wonderful time! Ugh.. the rain is so annoying, isn't it?! I hope you were able to get a copy of the decor bundle for free :)

  4. Hi Amelia! Just stopping by from Currently! Your new blog design is very cute!! I'm jealous that you went to the real pawn shop in Vegas-- how fun! Where are in Ohio are you? I'm from the Toledo area and we have had non-stop rain lately... with more on the way! Last summer, we hardly had any rain!! Enjoy your weekend :)

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. Thank you so much, Kate!! I am about 15 minutes west of Akron in a small town! This non-stop rain is a killer! We are thinking of doing an Ohio blogger meet up if you're interested! Email me at mrscap6(at)gmail(dot)com

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