Monday Made It-Crate Seats, Crafts, and Subway Art freebie!!

I have been trying to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer..
I don't even like saying that!!!
One of my close girly friends, who conveniently is also a teacher:) And I have been getting together for craft time! I'm here to share what we've been up to, and a couple home crafts by linking up with the amazing Tara!!

{Our busy day of crafting!}

Starting with...

Crate seats!!!
We scoured the internet for the best tutorial on how to make these, and combined a few that we found.. here's what we did and it worked beautifully! :)
{We started with 5 each of these white crates from Target. They also come in teal and black! We liked these because they seemed sturdier than many of the others, and they were only $4.00}
{We used this adhesive spray to connect stick the foam, to the wood for a little extra reinforcement. It was $4 at Lowes}
{We wanted alternating fabrics to make it a little more fun! You need 1/2 yard for every 2 seats because the fabric is folded over, so basically 1/4 yard per crate. So I got 1/2 a yard in the chevron and cut it in half for 2 crates then 1 yard of the green stripes and cut it into 4's. I was happy too because this gave us 1 extra square in case any of them get worn down. So each square is around 18x21 inches. I got the green striped one from Joann Fabrics and it was on sale for $3.99 a yard and the chevron from Hobby Lobby for $5.00 a yard.}
{These are Caity's fabrics! She got them both from Hobby Lobby and they match her Dots on Turquoise classroom theme!}

{Caity's dad was awesomely nice enough to cut the plywood up for us! We wanted the board to sit down in the lip of the inside of the crate, so we gave him one to measure. The measurements of the boards are 12x14 and they are 1/2 inch thick.}

{We knew the foam was going to be the most expensive part of the project, and we wanted thick foam so it would be comfortable and hold up well. Hobby Lobby sells foam squares that were 12 by 12 that would have been small, but we could have made work! They were $8.99 a piece for the 2 inch foam, and I believe $5.99 for the 1 inch. We wanted 2 inch so we found this roll that made 10 11x12 foam rectangles to fit our crate. It was $34.99, and we used a 40% off coupon so it ended up only being $21 for enough 2 inch foam to cover all of our 10 crates! We looked at Michaels and Joanns and this was the best deal by far!}

{Cutting the foam was the hardest part, and as you can see it isn't PERFECT. But it worked! We rolled out the foam and placed the wood boards on it. We then took an exacto knife and sliced around the rectangles one at at time, as deep as we could. Then we folded the foam in half and used scissors to cut the rest. The length of the foam worked out to be exact with 10 crates, so we really just had to cut about 4 inches along the top, then cut it in half lengthwise, and then cut those in fifths width wise. **If this step sounds too difficult to you, then the pre-cut 12x12 foam squares would work, they'd just be a little more pricey!}

{Sorry I didn't get a picture of us wrapping them, but it was all hands on deck at that point! We folded the long sides over first and used the staple gun to staple them. Then we folded the short sides in like a present, and stapled them under! VOILA! They fit and looked great. Lastly, we took about 6 inches of ribbon and folded it in half to make a tab, and stapled it to the bottom of one of the short sides of the wood. You don't need this step, but it makes it easier to lift up the cushions for storage!}

{Caity's all finished!}

{Hubs thought this was how you sat on them.. oh boy! haha}

In our shopping adventures for crate seat supplies, we found these adorable wooden frames from Michaels for $.99. We decided to spray paint them and make some cute subway art for our classrooms! I LOVE how they turned out :)

I made both of these in multiple colors and I am offering them for free at my TPT store! :) Click on the pictures below to download.

My next "made-it" is a home one! If you remember a while back, I blogged about my victory of finally convincing hubs to paint our accent wall in our bedroom black with gold glitter. After a little cajoling, he finally agreed! It turned out amazing :) Well I wanted to add a little more to spice it up! So I spray painted letters with gold glitter, and had some of our wedding pictures placed in black frames. 
{Hubs was amazing and helped by space it all out right!}

{It's hard to tell in the picture, but I LOVE how it all turned out!}

{Caity made this adorable flower pot for my desk! Isn't it SO cute?! I just love it, and I know my kiddos will too! She used a foam ball and just stuck the suckers in all the way around! Then she made loops out of the ribbons and hot clued them. She covered the "C" in glitter, and glue it to the ribbons! She is a talented lady!}

Before I go, THANK YOU for making it this far! I know it's been a lot of reading :) I want to leave you with a few reminders...
We are scheduling an Ohio blogger meet up!! We have about 9 bloggers interested so far, and we'd love to have more! We are thinking around the Columbus area in August! I can't wait to meet all of these amazing people behind their amazing blogs :) Send me an email if you are interested for more information!

Also, remember... I NEED LINKY HELP!! I posted this in my last post and got a lot of good feedback, but keep it coming! :)

Well, I have had an idea for a linky party for a while, but I would love all of your input! I want to do a bloggy type KWL. I would pick a topic each week, and using a cute KWL template, bloggers would link up with what they know about the topic (what they currently do) what they want to know more about (bloggers could comment with ideas and suggestions) and then what they've learned from other bloggers or research.

I need a cute name for this linky party.. and that's where I'm enlisting you all! I am taking suggestions for names.. and the person whose name I choose will win 5 free products of their choice from my TPT store!!!

I am also open to doing this linky party with another blogger as a joint linky party, so if you're interested, comment! Make sure you leave your email in your comment :)

Thanks for reading.. I know it was a long one. Go reward yourself with some chocolate, or a cookie :)


  1. Cute frame find! I also like what you created for the frames! :)

    ~Amanda Elementary Teacher Files 

  2. Love the seats!!! I have been dying to make these and just haven't found the time/space to put them. They turned out great!!! I also LOVE your subway art and snatched those up. Thanks for the freebie. Wish I was in Ohio to meet up with y'all, but SC is a little far away. We are going to our first SC blogger meet up in a week. Super excited!!! As for a name for your linky...
    I'll have to get back to you on that one!

    1. Thank you!! They were not hard at all to make, and I'm so glad we did! Go for it girl :) Glad you were able to pick up the subway art!! Have fun at your blogger meet up! I would love a name suggestion if you think of one :)

  3. Your crate seats look awesome! I have been wanting to make those crate seats for over a year. I do not know what space I will have in my new classroom, so I will have to wait before following your great tutorial.
    I would love to partner up with you on a linky party. I will put my thinking cap on for a creative name.
    The Traveling Teacher

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you're able to follow the tutorial when it's time :) Get that creative thinking cap going, girl! Thanks :)

  4. Your crate seats look freaking awesome! I was thinking about using a vinyl tablecloth to cover them - do you think that would hold up?

    I would call your linky:
    What Teachers Really Know
    Learning in Bloggyland
    Show what you Know
    Bloggers Tell All

    This Little Piggy Reads on FB

    1. You are so sweet! I think vinyl tablecloths definitely would, we just couldn't find any bright patterns that matched our theme!! Good luck :) Thank you for the linky party names!!

  5. I love those seats! I've been wanting to make them but am nervous that they would be too short for my table. I'm pregnant so I'm barely going to fit as it is! Nice work!!

    1. I am going to lower my small group table so they fit :) It might be hard for you, though! Awe... love those little preggerz bellies :) Congrats on your little one!!

  6. I have always loved the crate seats and subway art!

    What about "Keep With Learning" to play on the KWL of it and to express the idea of teachers are still learning too?

    I would love to help run the linky party if you're still looking for help!

    - Pam
    Moments to Teach

    1. Thank you!!! And thank you for the suggestion :) When I get closer to launching I'll let you know my plans!

  7. OH MY HECK have you been busy! I'm so happy to have been getting the little tidbits on Instagram as you go.

    Just grabbed the Subway Art and I am thinking of putting one of them up in the the teacher's lounge at my new school!

    I also think that you idea for a Linky Party is a great one as the new school year starts.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    1. Thank you, girl!! I have been so busy :) Glad your following on instagram!! That's a great idea to post it in the lounge :) I hope you'll come back and link up :)

  8. You are a DIY Pro! Your crates look great, and I really like those signs! I also really like your gold and black wall. Those colors look so great together!

    Eclectic Educating

  9. Love your new seats! Thanks for the tutorial.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  10. Love your seats-helpful hint, to cut foam you should use an electric knife-it cuts right through the foam. This is what they use at the foam/fabric shop I use. (sorry to be too late with the hint, but maybe it will help others) The first name I thought of was already suggested by someone else-Show What You Know (I'm always reminding my students to Show Their Work). I also thought of Sharing is Caring-because I think that's what teachers/bloggers do-share their ideas with others because we care about children.

    1. Thank you for the helpful hint!! I will add it in to my post and make sure to give you credit :) Thanks for the suggestion on the linky! I'll let you know what I decide :)

  11. My students love their crate seats and I know yours will too! Great job with them!
    Whole Brain Teaching in the Ladybug Club

    1. I am so excited for them to see the seats! I know they will love them :) Thanks for the love!

  12. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas and freebies. I found you on Manic Monday. I'm your newest follower.

    How about Knowledge Will Last for your linky party? If you think about it, a KWL help make things stick in your brain. Therefore, what is learned is never forgotten.

    1. Awe, thank you! I am so glad you found me and so happy to have you following :) Thank you for the suggestion on the linky party! I will let you know what I decide!

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