Monday Made It with Freebies & Meet Me!

You know I can't resist a little craft time! Tara always feeds my crafty appetite with her amazing Monday Made It linky party, and I just LOVE linking up. I'm so bummed it's going to only once a month.. but it's probably for the best considering I'd spend hours reading others craftiness rather than preparing to teach ;)
On Saturday I posted about my new Work on Writing Interactive Tri-Fold display kit I had finished. I printed, laminated and mounted everything and I LOVE how it turned out.

One of my favorite things I did was pick up some cute file folders from Walmart that were $1 for 3. You need 9 for this all together. 

I laminated each writing option and hot glued it to the front of the folder. I then used some clear packing tape on the left and write edges of the file folder to keep it closed and make it a pocket. I glued the folder to the tri-fold, and placed the templates from the pack for each writing options in the folder. It will be quick and easily accessible for students to choose an option independently during work on writing and then use the template to complete it! I have bins at the station for students to store "works in progress" and final copies. Click here to download everything you need to make your own interactive writing center tri-fold!

Here are some pictures of how it turned out!

The next few things I made I threw into a freebie packs that you can pick up at my TPT store. Links below :)

I absolutely love the practice and quick feedback that class sets of white boards can give. However, I don't like having to take the time to get them out each time I want to use them. This year I decided to come up with a solution. I will still use the large whiteboards for centers and other big things, but I made 28 of these mini white board circles for each of my students' desks. 

I printed out the circles on thick cardstock and laminated them with my scotch laminator. I spray painted jumbo popsicle sticks blue, yellow, and lime green to match my room, and hot glued them to the circles. I will keep skinny dry erase markers in my team caddies that students can easily get to! They will just hold up their answer or practice spelling words, or whatever else using them! I can't wait :) 

You can download this file for free here. I made it to match all 3 of my classroom decor packs, so print the one that works best for you! :)

Another quick Monday Made It were these cute clothes pins! I am using them for my student display bulletin board which I will take a picture of when it's all done. I added glitter to the clothespins by painting them in modepodge, pressing them into glitter on a plate, then after they dried I painted a thin coat of modgepodge over top. It worked great! No glitter falling off at all :) I hot glued a tack onto the back of each, and the numbers on the front. Can't wait to use them!

This will be hanging on the wall behind my desk for students to drop notes in in the morning! This will solve the problem of a million notes piling up on my desk in the mornings and me not seeing them or sending them down to the office. It will my VIP's responsibility to put them all from this bin into the envelope and give them to me. 

Last year my students LOVED our brain breaks. This year I decided to make it so my VIP can pick one as a reward from the class when we have been working hard and on task. I put quite a few fun options that were my students favorites last year!

Another quick made it were labels for my two new favorite bins I found on clearance at Michael's for $2. My dry-erase board bin and clipboard bin fell apart and cracked by the end of last year since it was plastic, so I was in love when I found these sturdy metal ones in my classroom colors! Add a little ribbon and a label, and they're perfect :)

You can pick up the bin labels, brain breaks, and note for the teacher label here for free! Enjoy :)

I know this is a LONG post but I also want to link up with the awesome Blog Hoppin' linky and tell you a little about me :)

1. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for a little over 2 years now. We have been together for over 9! :) We don't have pups or kids yet, but are lovin' our time as a family of two and spending lots of quality time together. He truly is my best friend and biggest supporter!

Us over 8 years ago and then on our wedding day!

2.) I love Diet Coke. I drink very little caffeine (I don't like coffee or tea) but Diet Coke definitely does the trick!

3.) I teach in the same school district that I went through 7-12th grade (I went to a private school before that)

4.) I have been a high school volleyball coach for going on 6 years now and I absolutely love it. I spend my summer and fall in a gym, but I love watching the girls learn and grow and love the sport!

5.) I have developed a passion for running! In high school and college I was a volleyball player who did the occasional sprints when I was made, but I disliked long distances. My daddy convinced me to do a half-marathon before my wedding, and ever since then I have been addicted!

6.) I am a shop-a-holic. Yes, a serious problem that I should probably attend a support group for! Hubs has definitely tamed my shopping ways, but I still can't resist a good deal! My closets... that's right, plural closets are overflowing with clothes and shoes! :)

7.) I would rather have a McDonalds Double Cheeseburger with Big Mac Sauce, Diet Coke and a fry over a gourmet meal.. ANYDAY. Yes, I'm a cheap date and hubs knows the way to my heart :)

8.) I am a get-every-minute-outof-everday type of person. I would rather stay up late and get up early so I can get as much done as possible. I love a good nap as much as the next person, but can never seem to turn my brain off long enough for one! Maybe one day :)

9.) My weakness to getting things done is a beach or pool and a good book. Sunshine rejeveunates me like no other, and there is nothing better than floating on a raft with a good book in the sun. Remind me again why I live in Ohio?!? ;)

10.) Obviously teaching is my passion and I would trade this job for the world! I have found my niche in 4th grade and I absolutely love the age and the school I teach at. This blogging world is my other passion and I am so grateful for the amazing friends I've met through this! Who would've thought some of my closest confidants would be met online? Thanks for all being so great:)

Head on over to these two amazing linkys and link up! I'd love to learn more about you :)


  1. I love the dry eraser sticks for their desk! Great idea!
    Fun in ECSE

  2. Cute ideas! I love your color scheme as well.

    Sixth Grade Tales

  3. All that talk of Big Mac Sauce has me hungry! Who says cheap can't taste good? That is great about the running! I am working up to my first 10-miler this October. I just moved from Ohio to New Jersey, and while I miss Ohio some, I am loving being near a beach!

    Eclectic Educating

  4. Wow I love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them!
    Mary Ann Reeve

  5. What a great post, and I am so glad I read it because I have a need for those bins too, and I learned today that Mod Podge works great for adhering labels to them. I love your cute labels. It's amazing what you can do with spray paint and Mod Podge huh! Thanks for the great tips.
    Comprehension Connection

  6. I like your "Notes for the Teacher" basket. I need to make a "Morning Mail" to catch all the stuff kids try to hand you in the first 30 seconds of the day! Also, love your blog theme. My classroom is jungle/safari. :) Glad I found your blog!

    For the Love of Fourth Grade