Saturday Snapshots.. A tour of my room!

I have been a BAD blogger lately.. I'm sawry :(

We just finished our first week of school and I am EXHAUSTED. Now that we are back in the routine again though, I have lots of blogging to share! So you're going to see read me a lot more :)

I am linking up this Saturday morning before a full day of volleyball with Run, Miss Nelson's Got the Camera for her wonderful Saturday Snapshots linky and Tales of a First Grade Teacher!... A TOUR OF MY ROOM! :) I have posted a few previews on instagram and many of you have requested more, so here you go!

{My room from the back looking towards the door!}

{Behind my desk with my toolbox, organized drawers, note for the teacher bin and lamp!}

{My Word Work station. Lots of bins filled with dry erase markers, magnets, stamps, Thesaurus' dry erase boards, clipboards, playdo, and more!}
{More Word Work bins}

{Word Work Table}

{Full view of Word Work}

{Student Book Bins.. blue for one class, green for the other}

{Brain breaks, pick me pot, and compliments jar}

{Team caddy's with dry erase answer circles}

{Comfy reading corner!}

{Most of the reading corner.. kiddos LOVE this place!}

{View from my desk of the room}

{Left front of the board with Grizzly 5 Rules, Noise letters and schedule}

{Table in front of my desk where students turn in work, birthday balloons, and early finishers bin}
{Homework board}

{Back in my library, more shelves!}

{More of the shelves!}

{Library bins! I do blue for fiction and green for nonfiction}

{Close up of bins. Labels from my Turquoise, Lime, and Yellow classroom decor pack!}

{View of my desk}

{NOISE letters for classroom management.}

{Another view of the reading corner!}

{READ sign}

{Daily schedule close up}

{View from reading corner towards door}

{LOVE my word wall. I use glitter clothes pins to attach cards to the ribbons}

{Our Work Sparkles! Student display bulletin board}

{Student desks}

{Close up of the tree! We talk about our brains being "bare" before reading, and as we read we GROW. Students get to add a leaf to the tree each time they finish a book so it is full like our brains by the end of the year from reading!}

{Welcome sign outside my room}

{Full view of "Wondrous Words" word wall}

{Work on Writing Center with my Interactive Writing tri-fold from my TPT store! Also, I use the curtains for "teacher area" so students know not to go in there.}

{On my door. Still need a few more decorations up here!}

Hope you enjoyed your field trip to my room :) Thanks for stopping by! It's going to be a GREAT year.


  1. I really like you color scheme! Everything looks so bright and colorful. I also like the idea of adding leaves to the tree. Thanks for sharing!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Your room pops with that green and blue. It looks fantastic! And I can't get over that tree... it looks like it wasn't too difficult, but it really makes a statement! I LOVE it!!!

    1. Thank you so much! It wasn't too difficult once I got the hang of it! I love the statement it makes, too :)

  3. You room looks great. The blue and green look fantastic together!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  4. Your room looks beautiful! I just posted pics of mine too. Hope you check them out :)


    1. Thank you for checking mine out :) I am definitely going to head over and check yours out, too! :)

  5. Your room looks awesome. Just as cute as your blog is. I am happy to report I am your newest follower. I can't wait to read more post. If you get a chance I would love for you stop by and check out my blog. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Awe, you are so sweet! I am so so happy to have you following :) Can't wait to head over and check out your blog!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your room. It's amazing. The colors are fabulous.

    1. Thank you!! :) I love having a place that I WANT to be! I love how the colors are fun and bright, but still a little relaxing!

  7. I'm so sad I haven't found your blog sooner! SO CUTE! I love the tree! What a great visual for kiddos!

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

  8. Your room looks AMAZING! So colorful, bright and organized!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. Your room looks awesome! I'm your newest follower. Cute blog!

  10. I am in LOVE with your room! My room is all blue and green too - (I am linked up too). I love your green and blue fiction and non-fiction idea and I am totally planning to steal it! I think we must have visited the same dollar store for our green baskets! So adorable!

    1. Awe, thank you! I definitely need to head on over and check out your room! Definitely steal the idea :) Love the dollar store.. so many great finds!!

  11. LOVE your color combination! You're room is super cute! Teaching with Giggles

  12. Your room looks AH.MA.ZING!!! All your hard work has definitely paid off and I know your students must just be in love with it! That book corner looks so cozy and I had to pin that super creative tree idea! You are my hero!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. AWE! You are so so sweet! It definitely was a labor of love, and I think my kiddos love it as much as I do:) I wanna read in my reading corner, too! HA :) Thank you for pinning that.. you are so kind!! Hugs :)

  13. I love your room! The color scheme, labels on things, your word wall and tree, everything. It's just gorgeous!
    First Grade Found Me

  14. Your room looks terrific! I too love the color scheme! You have so many nice details that really pull the room together!
    One Happy Teacher

    1. THANK YOU! I love the colors, too :) I love little details... it really makes it all go together well! Thanks for stopping by :)

  15. Love the blue and green. That reading corner is amazing! Thanks so much for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  16. I am in awe! My color scheme is similar to yours (I have the same borders as you too) so I get so many ideas from this. :) All those colorful buckets, and homey homey!

  17. Thanks for linking up with me. Your room is amazing!! I hope you have had a great start to school.

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  19. Love the reading corner tree! Kudos to you for all the creativity you put into your classroom decor =)