A Quick Monday Freebie!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and share with y'all a freebie that many people on Instagram have requested I share.

Every Friday my teaching partner and I send home an e-newsletter to all parents of our kiddos to tell about the upcoming week. We include A LOT of information on these newsletters. We have found it is the best way to keep parents in the loop about what is going on in our classroom, hold parents and students accountable, and just open up the doors of positive communication.

Things we include in our newsletter:

  • I CAN statements for each subject
  • Important vocabulary words for each subject (Ex: Reading-explicit, inference, main idea, characters)
  • Spelling words
  • Upcoming Dates (picture day, test days, etc.)
  • Important Info (anything parents NEED to know about)
  • A picture section
  • "Out of the Mouth of Babes" (a funny quote from one of our kiddos)
  • Character Quote (a character skill we will talk about for the next week.)
This year, we have gotten SO many compliments on our newsletter and praises of thanks. Some of my favorites include:

I LOVE your newsletter … thank you for keeping us informed.

Great newsletter, ladies!  I realize this takes a lot of work and it is very appreciated.

That has to be the BEST "Weekly Newsletter" I have ever received. WOW! You're Awesome. 

It has been wonderful to get this feedback and to keep contact with our parents. Here's what our newsletter looks like:

You can pick up the editable template for FREE here. Just make sure you download the KG fonts I used or choose your own :) 

Happy Monday, everyone! Let's make it a GREAT week!