Blogiversary Giveaway Day 2-Hop and Win!

Hi new and old followers! I love you all :)

Welcome to day 2 of our blogiversary and 1,000 followers giveaway!! Today we have something fun and exciting for you. We set up a little scavenger hunt in the blogs that sponsored yesterday's flash freebie. 

All you need to do is visit each of those blogs, write down the number in the giveaway graphic, and add them up! You will enter the total as one of the required entries in the rafflecopter giveaway. 

So, you might wonder what you can win?
You are seeing this correctly. {Classroom Friendly Supplies} now has a PINK sharpener! Of course, if you win, you can still choose one of their other colors (blue, black, red, green). However, if you don't win, Troy will donate $1 from every pink sharpener sold to cancer charities. How cool is that?! And since September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, your purchases could really help!

AND, you will have your choice of TWO of the following:
THE laminator
Xyron sticker maker
$25 gift card from your choice of online retailers

Here's how you get started... download the recording sheet, unless you're really good at mental math :) (which I am NOT!)

Look for the graphic in each blog.. here's mine :)  Write down the number on the recording sheet.

To go back to the beginning, Diane's blog, click on the graphic below!

 I am the END of the hop! So if you've made it to me from starting with Diane, you've made it to the end!! :) If you are all done, you can enter to win here, or at Diane's blog!:)

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  1. There is a break in your chain at I heart Recess.

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

    Crystal Shepherd
    Lamppost in a STEM classroom

    1. Thanks for letting us know! Blogger didn't like our permalinks being created before the new month! Hopefully you were able to find your way :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Awesome giveaway :) crossing my fingers!!

  3. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for all of the goodies from yesterday's giveaway too!
    One Happy Teacher

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you have been able to participate :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Prefixes and Suffixes, this will be very helpful for my students!

  5. What a fabulous giveaway - thanks for hosting it, Amelia (and Diane!) Looks like a lot of work :)
    Joy in the Journey

    1. Awe, thank you!!! We are so glad you are stopping by to participate :)