SIGH... It's Friday Freebie time!

Oh my gosh. How many of you feel like you've been running around in a tornado in the opposite direction?! OTES, PGP, RIMP, RTI, and all the other ingredients in acronym soup are making me feel like I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry. I am EXHAUSTED to say the least. In fact, I am SHOCKED that I am awake and it is 10:30pm. However, I am *TRYING* so very hard to stay positive and keep on teaching on!

We had such a busy week and I want to share about everything we did and give you a fun freebie! *Beware, LOTS of pictures to come!

So I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

We started off the week reviewing characterization with the book The Rough Faced Girl. We completed this fun post-it note characterization activity from Head over Heels for Teaching.  Just the idea of using post-its to compare Cinderella to the main character of our story excited my students so much! They loved it, and so did I!

This week we talked about the writing process and wrote our first big writing piece, narrative stories. We used my freebie Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street pack to kick this off last week, and continued working through the writing process. My students LOVED creating the foldable, and we glued it into our notebooks so we always have it to reference. 

Download these foldables for FREE here.

We are totally rockin' and rolling with Jivey's Mentor Sentences Weeks 1-10. We read Enemy Pie this week and worked with this mentor sentence. My students did an AMAZING job adding more to the sentence to make it more detailed and imitating sentences.  They absolutely love these activities and I am so proud of all that they are learning in grammar and writing. 

We are doing an amazing job with Daily 5. I am loving my kiddos behavior and growth in Daily 5. We are really rolling with Study Island, too which is giving me so much feedback on my students knowledge and learning. I love it!

We had our Lincoln Walk-a-Thon this week. Have any of your schools done this before? This was the first time we did it and it was amazing! Students raised pledge money for us "Walking to D.C." as a school. It is 362 miles or so! We broke it up into half hour times per grade level and gave each grade a goal. Each kid was responsible for at least 2 miles in 4th grade. My kiddos did AWESOME! Three of my girls and two of my boys ran the ENTIRE time with me and we ran 3 total miles in 28 minutes! I was so proud of them :) {Side note, running in 80 degree weather in jeans and TOMS isn't the easiest! haha} Our school raised $4,500 for this! Isn't that AWESOME?! We finished 400 miles total as a school. We are using they money to buy every student in the school a school spiritwear shirt (since many of our kiddos can't afford them) and then purchasing computers to help us build a computer lab. I am so excited!

My kiddos were so lovey this week! I think with the weather changes there is lots of bugs going around and everyones tired. I enjoyed my hugs and love from my fourthies :)

 After 3 match nights of getting home after 10pm and practice and team dinners until 7 on the other nights, I am BEAT! I got my nails tonight as a little treat for surviving the week and I love them! So fun :)

How was your week? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. We used Joanne's Compare and Contrast sheet this week too! We used it to compare two different poems-they did a great job! I love how engaged your kids look in all your pictures! We are also using Jivey's Mentor Sentences-and I'm loving it as well! It's definitely a fun way to teach writing and grammar!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. Looks like you guys were really busy this past week. Thanks for sharing!!