Tried it Tuesday-News Depth

Ohio bloggers, this is a MUST read for you! If you teach in other states, you may still want to check this resource out!

I am linking up with Holly for her awesome Tried it Tuesday linky party to share a "Tried it" for Social Studies/Language Arts integration I am using this year.

Has anyone ever heard of News Depth?

It is a FREE instructional program that is presented in a news like format. It is aligned to common core, and is perfect for teaching current events and connecting SS to Ela.

Each week they publish a new episode that is about 25 minutes long. My students look forward to watching them every Friday! They LOVE it. Each episode focuses on current events around the world, and local events. (Which is why it is GREAT for Ohio teachers, but would work for other states, too!) Each episode is filmed in a news-like fashion, but also has quizzes and question answer sessions!

What Newsdepth says about their program:

"NewsDepth invites students to respond to authentic non-fiction resources, providing opportunities for writing and deeper exploration."

Another great thing is that kiddos from around the state can write in each week and they talk about your letter on the show! Last year one of my students ALWAYS wrote in. When his later came up on an episode he was SO excited, and so was my class!

Each week also has vocabulary words, and an "essential question" that students can answer for some writing practice. For example, this was last week's vocabulary and essential question:

Vocabulary words for this week: Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), Smog, Bush Fire

This Week's Question: Thanks to all the attention on healthy eating these days, school lunches have gotten healthier, too. What do you like - or dislike - about the food at your school?

We discussed the words before we watched and answered the question in our writing journals.

Another one of my favorite features is the weekly writing/geography connection.

Each week they post a fun post card, with clues on the back when you click!

You can write in to see if your guess is correct! My students and I love reading the clues and trying to guess. A few times it has been a place we've seen in a book or in our SS unit so it's great connection!

If you haven't already, check out NewsDepth. It is a GREAT free resource!

I am off to enjoy our day all about Monsters and Frankenstein! (My kiddos are SO excited.) Make sure you check out my post from yesterday to see interactive plans of everything we are doing this week!

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Have a Monstrous Day :)


Hubby is Frankenstein? An Interactive Peek at My Week!

Happy Monday, everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you know my kiddos and I are gearing up for a fun week of MONSTER STUDY! Here are my interactive plans for the week! (just click the picture to download!)

My favorite activity of the week? OUR FRANKENSTEIN STUDY!! My kiddos are SO pumped for this. They feel like "big kids" studying this topic they told me :)

Hubs even took one for the team, and got in the spirit! Like seriously.. husband of the year.
I wanted pictures of "Frankie" doing funny, normal things, and my husband had a costume from when he was in 4th grade! So he volunteered to put it on and take funny pictures for my kiddos! Here they are!

HHAA! How awesome is he?!


My kiddos LOVE our "Fit Friday" dance videos we watch and dance along to for 10 minutes on Friday. So, in celebration of Frankenstein/Monsters week.. hubs made us a video to follow along with! Here it is :)

Husband of the year, am I right?! Feel free to use any of these pictures and the video with your kiddos if you do a Frankenstein activity! I hope you're able to get ideas for my week, too!

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Hope y'all survive the sugar, rush week!


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That's a wrap on bats!

We finished up our bat unit today! I am so excited... the kiddos did amazing.

I can't wait to read all of their reports (notice READ not grade.. not looking forward to that part!) I was so proud of how some of my striving learners worked hard to research but didn't give up and found the information they needed.

Here's a peak at our week in pictures for you to see what we were up to "Going Batty!"

{It snowed in Ohio... In October. Yeah, I'll just let that sink in.}

{Collecting more research  and facts.}

{Using our graphic organizers to write our rough drafts!}

{Loving our "bat poop" and bat poop poem while watching Magic School Bus Going Batty!}

{Silly bat craft fun!}

{The final products!}

We had a BLAST! My kiddos have been spitting out bat facts like crazy all week, and they were SO excited to read their reports out loud for "Featured Friday" and to their buddies. 

What's on the agenda next week? A study on Monsters! We will be using I Need My Monster for our Mentor Text and a bunch of books on Frankenstein! 

I can't wait to do my newest product, our biography of Frankenstein and the cute crafitivty to go with it!

Check back next week to hear all about what we do with monsters!!! 

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Check back tomorrow... something AMAZING is coming this way that you DO NOT want to miss!!


Five for Friday a Batty Week!

It has been a batty week in room 219! Not just crazy, but we have been learning all about bats!

So far this year I have noticed that many of my fourthies are reluctant to read nonfiction texts. In order to encourage this, I wanted to start with a less intimidating research project, that I could throw a little fun in, too! This was week 1 of 2 on bats.. Here's a sneak peek at our week:

Our objectives this week were:
-Understanding Nonfiction Text Structure: Focusing on Description, Cause and Effect, and Compare and Contrast
-Identifying Main Idea and Supporting Details
-Summarizing Nonfiction Text
-Writing a descriptive research paper on a topic

Here's how we worked it all in!

We started off with a little Writer's Workshop! Students wrote everything they already knew about bats on a graphic organizer I made. We used Writer's Workshop throughout the week to work on our writing! My kiddos LOVE it because I play music as they work. They literally groan when the timer goes off!

Next, I read Stellaluna to the kiddos. It was our Mentor Text this week from the amazing Jivey's Mentor Sentences .

We took notes on description texts, and I used a blank template from Erin Cobb's Reading Informational Text Interactive Notebook! I added a descriptive passage on bats and we took notes of 5 important details.

Each day, we would spend time working on our graphic organizer pre-writing for our descriptive projects. I got this organizer from this freebie on TPT!

During Buddy Reading, I sat with groups and we did this awesome Close Reading Pack from 24/7 Teacher. It is wonderful and really helped my kiddos! I love all of her stuff!

We also did a fun Webquest at Listen to Reading using this website:

I made a worksheet to use for students to record their answers! You can get this and the graphic organizer for bats by clicking here or the picture below!

Throughout the week I also read this awesome books on Bats and students took notes on graphic organizers. We did a Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, and Facts organizer all from Nicole Shelby's Reading Response Sheets for Common Core Standards (LOVE this pack and use it ALL the time!)

My favorite fact...
(Haha! Love the things my kiddos write!)

I was SO proud of how hard my kiddos worked all week to find details and facts. Their rough drafts are already AWESOME! I can't wait to see the final products with their craftivity!

Next week to finish up we will:
-Watch Magic School Bus on bats and record facts
-Eat "bat poop" (cocoa puffs) with a cute little poem during the movie!
-Peer Edit and Revise our Rough Drafts
-Write our Final Copies
-Compare and Contrast different kinds of bats
-Write about problems and how bats solve them
-Make a timeline of a year of a bat's life

I can't wait to continue this fun topic, and I know my students feel the same way!!

Thanks for popping in and listening (reading) :) I am off to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding I'm in this weekend! I promise to share pictures on Instagram! Enjoy your weekend everyone :)