Hubby is Frankenstein? An Interactive Peek at My Week!

Happy Monday, everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you know my kiddos and I are gearing up for a fun week of MONSTER STUDY! Here are my interactive plans for the week! (just click the picture to download!)

My favorite activity of the week? OUR FRANKENSTEIN STUDY!! My kiddos are SO pumped for this. They feel like "big kids" studying this topic they told me :)

Hubs even took one for the team, and got in the spirit! Like seriously.. husband of the year.
I wanted pictures of "Frankie" doing funny, normal things, and my husband had a costume from when he was in 4th grade! So he volunteered to put it on and take funny pictures for my kiddos! Here they are!

HHAA! How awesome is he?!


My kiddos LOVE our "Fit Friday" dance videos we watch and dance along to for 10 minutes on Friday. So, in celebration of Frankenstein/Monsters week.. hubs made us a video to follow along with! Here it is :)

Husband of the year, am I right?! Feel free to use any of these pictures and the video with your kiddos if you do a Frankenstein activity! I hope you're able to get ideas for my week, too!

DON'T FORGET about the AMAZING Educents clipart deal I am a part of. (I already bought it.. it rocks!!) So many talented artists, for soooo cheap, in one pack!

Hope y'all survive the sugar, rush week!


  1. LOVE IT Amelia! You're husband is awesome! I'd like to give him a "shout out" for being such a great sport! Your students are going to go crazy over the pics and video! I can't wait to hear about their reaction!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Your hubby makes a great Frankenstein!!! Thanks for sharing!


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