Pin it to Win It--Word Work Games

Workshop Wednesday Word Work Games.. talk about alliteration! Teach that one to your kiddos :)

If you're reading this and it's Wednesday, that means I was on top of things for once! If it's Thursday, as usual it took me a little longer! :) I'm sure y'all can understand :)

So I am linking up with two of my BBB's for their totally fun, extremely informative linkys!!

I am going to share with you one of my favorite, and easy ways to review grammar rules during Word Work!! This week we are focusing on Commas, so this tied in perfectly!

My students get bored with grammar.. quick. So I am always on my toes trying to find new and fun things for them to do! I decided to review commas, apostrophes, and quotations using macaroni noodles instead of just writing them in!
I introduced this to my students today and they LOVED it. First, I printed all of the task cards on different colored card stock based on the topic it covers. So Commas=Pink Apostrophes=Yellow Quotations=Green.

We reviewed the 7 rules for using commas using a Smartboard presentation. (I found this a long time ago and tweaked it to fit my needs! I'm sorry, I'm not sure who the original creator is.)
Students write the 7 rules in their grammar notebooks to have as a reference for future use.

Then, I place the task cards in plastic baggies with 8-10 macaroni noodles in each. I place these baggies in the bin for today in my Word Work center.
Students each get a baggie, take it to their seats, and use the macaroni noodles to insert commas as needed on each task card. They can ask me to check their work if they're not sure, or they can look back in their grammar notebooks! It's that easy to prep and execute... don't ya love it?!

This is just one of the quick little games I use in Word Work. I also LOVE Nicole Shelby's Word Work freebie task cards! They are my go to when students finish work early in Word Work, or for a freebie choice day! (Stamping out words is always a favorite.)

Want to win my new pack for free?! Let's do a little PIN IT TO WIN IT! Pin a picture from this blog post and comment with the link to your pin, and I will choose one random winner FRIDAY to get my pack for free! Simple as that :)

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Please head over and link up with these two amazing ladies.. I'd love to hear how you make learning more interactive!

Happy HUMP day y'all.... (gotta think of that commercial, OF COURSE!)


  1. What a fun idea! I'm sure your kiddos loved it!

  2. Love this idea. Genius, pasta girl!

  3. This looks so much fun, and we are just starting to review commas. AND, I happened to buy elbow macaroni at the store today ;)


  4. I love the idea of using macaroni for commas! Nice!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. This is an awesome idea. I would love to win your pack. I pinned it to
    Thanks for the chance.


    How fun! I used macaroni once for an anchor chart about commas, but never thought to have the kids use them! Great idea :-)

  7. I love it. Great idea! Thanks for linking up today.
    :) Erin
    I'm Lovin Lit


    Love the idea to make grammar hands-on!

  9. Looks great!
    nferreira519 at gmail dot com

  10. I love your new product!! I had to pin it, of course. ;) You're the best!
    Fourth Grade Flipper