Five for Friday.. I survived!!

I've almost made it through Halloween week.. and I'm doing a happy dance!

A very groggy, slow, zombie like happy dance.

But hey, at least I'm still standing!

I know all of you out there feel the same way as I do right now. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put Halloween during the week?

Teachers... let's form a united front and propose to change Halloween to the last Friday of October... whose with me?!

But seriously... it was a fun week, just tiring! Here's a look at our week in pictures :) And of course I'm linking up with the ever fabulous Bugs that Doodle!

{I Need My Monster was our Mentor Text for this week. My kiddos LOVED it. Jivey strikes again with her amazing Mentor Text choices! :) They are getting SO much better at grammar because of these, and they ENJOY doing it. Who would've thought kids could love grammar? We used this book for the rest of the week, and made it a "Monster Themed Week!"}
{Check out those detailed sentences? Both classes did an amazing job making the sentence better!}

{These week we focused on theme and visualizing as we read. The first time I read I Need My Monster, I didn't show students the pictures. They had to choose the 6 main events and use their imaginations and the descriptive words to make their story maps. They did great! Then we made theme bumper stickers! They turned out so cute! Both of these organizers are from Nicole Shelby's amazing Reading Response for Common Core pack!}

{This was probably one of my FAVORITE and my students' favorite writing activities we have ever done. Last week we focused on descriptive/explanatory writing with our bat unit. I explained to the kiddos how some of them are very descriptive writers, but others need some work! I gave them the writing prompt, "My Monster..." then 10 minutes of writer's workshop. Students had to describe what their monster under the bed would look like in as much detail as possible. When done, I pulled numbers to trade, and then gave 10 minutes for them to draw the monster of the description they were given. The reactions and discussion afterwards was priceless! So many students saw their strengths and weaknesses in writing, and it was done in a fun and positive way! I got the original idea from the amazing Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics, and just modified it to fit my needs!}

{Students loved our mini biography unit on Frankenstein! We watched a "kid friendly" version on Youtube, and then I turned off the lights and read a scary version with just a lamp on. They LOVED it! Then we wrote our biographies, and made the craft! They turned out SO cute. Parents who came in for the parade absolutely LOVED them!}

{We played Parts of Speech "Trashketball" Halloween themed. I used this free document, and added more rounds. My students LOVED this interactive and educational station on Halloween! 

{We did Social Studies review with our answer circles.. my students FAVORITE!}

{We had our Halloween parade.. even with the rain! My kiddos costumes were GREAT!}
{I was "Miss Everdeen for a day.. my kiddos LOVED it! My favorite conversation with one of my adorable boys:  
Boy: So Mrs. Cap, you're like that girl from Hunger Games, right?
Me: Yep!
Boy: I'm not allowed to see the movies, but is that Jennifer Lawrence?
Me: Yes, that's who plays her!
Boy: Oh my gosh, I like LOVE her... she's my girlfriend
Me: Really? Do you write her name with hearts on all your papers?
5 mins later...
Boy: (as he's hugging me) I'm just hugging you because your Jennifer Lawrence!

HAHA! absolutely hilarious 4th graders}

{Our amazing volunteer, Grandma Gale, always makes a birthday bulletin board for our school for the seasons. She hand draws EVERYTHING and colors it. Isn't she so talented?! I keep telling her she needs to make clipart!}

{Don't you love when students go above and beyond on homework? One student was so excited to show me her foldable she made to practice her spelling and vocab words!}

 {School photos came back today, I made sure to tell my hubs that I would give him this in case I got lost.. haha!}
{We are finishing out our week of monster study with one of my favorites... Monster's Inc! The kiddos are LOVING it. And our school has movie night tonight and they are showing Monsters University. Isn't it perfect?!}

Hope you survived Halloween week, too! Time for some adult trick or treats of my own this weekend :) 


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I love those Frankensteins! Your costume also looks amazing. What a great idea!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Amelia,
    All your monster activities were great! Those Frankensteins are adorable! This was the first time I visited your blog, and I really enjoyed reading it.
    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. LOL, I give my husband my ID card, too. Just in case... ;)


  4. Hooray! I'm so glad that the mentor sentences are going so well for you!!! I love that book too!!!!!! :) (obvi)

  5. Love all the fun you had this week! I'm curious to know how your school does movie night. I'm on our PTA board this year and that sounds like a great idea!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  6. I am all for changing Halloween to the last Friday or even Saturday of October! I will sign your petition! HA! I LOVE your Frankenstein biography mini unit! Cutest idea, my friend.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers