Tried it Tuesday-Center Storage

If you're like me, you are always finding/creating/discovering new ideas for centers to keep your kiddos engaged and learning.

Of course, this also means A LOT of randomly placed task cards, recording sheets, direction pages, etc that just never seem to have a place that is easy to keep stored, organized, and easily accessible.

Fingers crossed, I think I found my solution!

So I am linking up with one of my BBB's Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper to share with you what I have been trying lately... new center storage!

I was at Office Max a few weeks ago and of course I couldn't walk by the sale section without looking (you never know what amazing new pens or folders you might find that you NEED of course!) And I saw these...
They are poly-plastic envelopes with a snap closure. I had a revelation and thought, "These would be AMAZING for centers!" They had packs of 3 for $3, so I bought every one they had (12 packs total) and I had a coupon for $10 off a $40 purchase, so when I combined it with the ink I was buying, too.. I saved some money :)

So I took them to school, got out my handy dandy hot glue gun, and went to work! 

Next week we will be doing Thanksgiving themed centers, and I have A LOT of options for the kiddos to choose from. My "Owfully Thankful ELA Centers MEGAPACK" has 8 fun and interactive centers that I know the kiddos will love. 
I also picked up Diane from Fifth in the Middle's two fall centers: Fabulous Fall and Thanksgiving Common Courses. They are wonderful! 

Two of my awesome volunteer moms helped me cut and laminate everything to get them ready to go!

To store them, I am using an envelope per center. First, I hot glued the laminated directions sheet on the outside of the envelope, then placed all of the task cards or pieces and parts in baggies inside the envelope. I also placed plenty of copies of the response sheets, answers keys, recording mats, pencils or pens, and any other parts of the centers that needed included. 
{Main Dish Main Idea Center from my Owlfully Thankful pack}

{The inside of the Main Idea Center including Thanksgiving Placemat and Place Setting for organizing task cards, task cards, and response sheets.}
{Nonfiction text structure and Text Features Turkey Trot board game from my Owlfully Thankful pack}

{The inside including game rules, game pieces, board game, spinner with paperclip and pencil, question cards, and "director's" answer key.}

I love how they are all organized, easy to access, and have a place!! I can't to use these. I decided to use  some extra empty crates I had in my room to store them in. I organized all of my centers by the time of year I use them or the theme (season). 

Now when it's time for centers kiddos can just sort through and pick the one they want to complete or haven't done yet. They know exactly how to put everything back, and I can easily access them all! 

Here's to hoping it works :) How do you organize your centers?


  1. I like your idea of buying the envelopes. I just organized all my task cards and centers not too long ago and realized I have an over abundance of Numbers: Base Ten centers. I have been laminating manila envelopes for mine. This might be faster and easier. Thanks for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. The envelopes have worked GREAT so far! Laminating manilla envelopes would work well, too! This just was nice because it was quick and easy :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Love the idea of organizing! Always on the look out for a better way to organize. Thank you for sharing the way YOU keep things straight :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Thanks girl! :) I am also always looking for ways to be more organized.. I feel it's a major accomplishment when I figure out a way that works well :)

  3. This is a great solution!! Thanks for the shout-out! :)

    1. Thanks, girl!! And of course.. I love that pack and so do my kiddos :)