Spring break and Spring Cleaning SALE LINKY!

Good ol' Ohio is FINALLY seeing some sunshine! It has been a long winter, but spring has sprung, and is hopefully here to stay! We are now on Spring Break and this puts a smile on my face like no other :)

Speaking of spring, I am going to kill 3 birds with one stone (so morbid, I know!) and link up with 3 great linky parties!

Five random things about my week...

1.) We started our week off with a SNOW DAY! Ohio weather is always throwing us for a loop! We had 6 inches of snow on the ground when we woke up Monday morning, and today it's 55 and sunny.. go figure!

2.) With the snow day and our kids last day Wednesday, it made for  VERY short week. I wasn't complaining! We got some great work on our Informational Text packet done, and the kiddos were so well behaved! Speaking of this pack, I HAVE to share with you this hilarious answer my student provided on their paper... WARNING, it is a little inappropriate and a word I usually HATE... but because she had no idea what she wrote, I could not stop laughing after!
See Solution 2

3.) We had Hawaiian day at our school the day before break to try and bring some spring weather our way! Even our school mascot, the Grizzly was in the spirit!
4.) We ended our week with some INTENSE, real-life scenario safety training. See my previous blog post to read more about this. Needless to say, Thursday was  TOUGH day. I have never been so ready for break. Here is my room barricaded during one of the tactical exercises...
5.) After a more than stressful day Thursday, I had a relaxing day Friday. I finished a book I've been working on for a while (Black Dagger Brotherhood book 8... they're great!) and got my nails done with a spring theme :) I also started making deserts for our end of Lent party tonight! (We give up sweets, fried food, meat, and pre-prepared food.. I can't wait for a McDonald's double cheeseburger with big mac sauce!)
I hope everyone else had a relaxing break, or is starting one! 

I am also excited to announce that I am having a SALE! With spring weather finally here, and Easter so beautifully on it's way, I have to join in the sale spirit! EVERYTHING in my store will be 20% off today, tomorrow, and Monday! Head on over to my TPT store and shop!!!
(Image by Krista Wallden)
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And just for sticking around and reading, here's a freebie to enjoy! 

I know we are all getting close to state testing, so here's a letter I send out to my parents about a week before the test! Enjoy :)

Since I'm having a sale and SO many other bloggers are, I decided to pop my linky cherry by creating my own linky party for all of the sales going on! There are so many different ones in different places so I decided to make a spot for them all!  Now we can see all the wonderful bloggers who are throwing a sale and we can shop till we drop! :) So please link up!! In order to encourage more links, I will choose one random winner who links up and they will win any item they choose from my TPT store! Happy Spring, everyone! :)


Information and Informational Text!

I owe you all a big apology.
I know I said I'd post more.
I truly meant it.

But again,
life has gotten in the way!

I'm back though... and I'm on SPRING BREAK! I'm going to try to blog so much, that you'll probably be sick of me! :) I have lots to share though... so get ready to read!

I'm going to get the ball rolling with a quick, easy, and FUN linky! I'm linking up with Flying into First Grade...
It's the noun game! All of my favorites!

Person- MY HUBBYYYY! He is a sexy stud muffin, is supportive, and just awesome! As you all know, being a teacher's spouse can be hard! Being a teacher and a coach's spouse? Yeah, he hears a lot of ranting and raving about parents, spends sleepless nights with me preparing for games or lessons, and has to be REALLY supportive and understanding. I'd say that earns him the fav spot in my life!

Place- Our house. With all of the traveling we do for volleyball, I can't tell you how many times we say we just want to be HOME! I love our house, and love our time spent together in it.

Thing- CLOTHES! Or... I hate to admit this, but my phone. I use it for SO many things: take pictures, call, text, calendar, look things up... it's a wonder we survived without technology for so long, isn't it?! ;)

Animal- TIGERS! I have always LOVED tigers. I want a baby one for a pet.. no big deal, right? My favorite are white siberian, but any are beautiful!

Okay, next I want to share with you something I have been working on for FOREVER! I noticed that I don't cover nearly enough informational text in my classroom. With it being such a HUGE part of common core, I knew I needed to kick it up a notch. I tied a TON of informational text in with my Famous American project, but still wanted a way to reteach it all, get meaningful reviews, and check student understanding. So, I created one! I created this 62 page pack that has a teach and guided activity for every standard, practice pages with original informational text passages, a graphic organizer, and an I Can statement poster. I waited until I used it in my own classroom so I could tweak it and make sure it worked, and let me tell you, it does! My students loved the passages, and it provided me with a quick, easy way to assess understanding and review! Here's a preview of this pack!
If you head on over to my TPT shop, you can pick up your own copy here! I can't wait to hear about others using it! To make it fun, I of course have to throw a freebie in there! Leave a comment with the funniest thing that's ever happened to you teaching, or a student has said to you! I'll read them to my husband and let him pick a "funniest" winner to get this pack for free:) GO!

I'm also linking this up with Fourth Grade Flipper for her awesome new linky! I tried this pack, and it works :)
Okay, last linky I SWEAR! But I can't pass up Teacher to the Core's High/low linky, because usually I have a hard time with the "low", but today I unfortunately have a "good" low I think I should share with you all.

My JO team is really working together and coming together! I am so proud of my girls for all of the time they put in the gym and it shows in their games. We finished 5th out of 64 teams in New York, playing an age level up! We played an age level up in Indianapolis this past weekend at a HUGE qualifier with over 1000 teams total, and did GREAT! Here they are looking all hilarious:
Remember I told you about us making a Harlem Shake video a few weeks ago? Well it's finished and up! Check it out here

Today was an EMOTIONAL day, to say the least.
Originally, today was supposed to be our last day with kids before spring break. However, a month or so ago, our district announced we wouldn't have kids today and would be going through "safety training." They informed us we were changing our lockdown procedures (no more sitting ducks in the corner) and were being trained in a proactive approach called "ALICE" (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.) Now, I went through this training in college, so I knew somewhat to expect. It is EXTREMELY emotional. They show you a reenactment of the Columbine shootings that is so ridiculous it makes every hair on your body stand and gives you baad chills. You learn how to take down a shooter. Now don't get me wrong, it is GREAT training and prepares you immensely, but the next part is the hardest.

Our local police came in with real guns (shooting blanks) and took us through 5 scenarios of a shooter in the building. They placed us in realistic places around the school and came in shooting in different scenarios. We had to make decisions to lockdown and barricade our room, get out of the school, or ambush the shooter. We knew it wasn't real, but it entirely feels like it. The adrenaline in my body was out of control. When you hear that real gun shot noise in your school and screaming, it is something you can't imagine. My heart has always ached for those who have experienced the real thing, but today brought it even more clear. Here's my room after my teaching partner and I had barricaded ourselves in my room when the shooter was outside our doors (and this was after we had taken some stuff away.)
Now obviously, I hope and pray we NEVER have to use this training, but it was extremely beneficial. We are going to have a few more like this throughout the year and next year.

WOW! I feel like I just wrote a book. Sorry to share so much, but thanks for reading along!! For those of you that are on break, enjoy the rest of it! For those of you like me, YIPPPEEEE!! It's relaaaaxation time :)

As if Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Brainbridge wasn't amazing enough already, she came up with this totally great linky all about showing love to our fellow bloggers :) I just had to take a little time out of my day to share the two bloggers that I have been blog stalking lately! These two ladies have provided me with so many great teaching ideas and tools.. so I'm gonna show them some love!

First up,

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie
What a great blog! She has so many wonderful things to share, and I get so excited when there is a new post! So many of her freebies have found a home in my classroom, and they are great additions to my lessons! Plus, her blog name is totally cute, and so is her design. Head on over and check her out :)

First off, don't you just LOVE Kelly's blog name?! I just couldn't help but be drawn to her blog from the beginning of my blogging days! Her blog is SO cute, too! I love knowing that if I ever need inspiration, or a great teaching tip, I can head to her blog and find it. She shares so many great ideas from lessons to management tips and I enjoy reading all about them. You should definitely go read up :)

Have someBUNNY you love? Head on over to Christina's blog and link up and share the love!

Happy Thursday :)

So much to tell and a FREEBIE!

I have totally neglected this little blog of mine. For those of you that follow and read, I am so SORRY! I have SO much to share with you all to catch you up on my life. To top it all off, so many of you are having amazing linkys that I have to link up with :) This is gonna be a long one folks... but I promise there will be goodies at the end :) First thing I have to share.. WE FINISHED OUR FAMOUS AMERICAN PROJECTS!!! Their reports and brochures turned out SO fabulous and ah-mazing! Like seriously, I was so proud of my fourthies for how hard they worked on them and the awesome products they made! You can see pictures of their reports in this post.

We decorated our hallway with all of our work for open house Thursday night. Their brochures are on top, and their signs for the museum are on the bottom.

Then we had our Living Wax Museum Friday. IT WAS AN ENORMOUS HIT!! We set up tables all around the perimeter of the gym. I made "buttons" Thursday night with the help of an extremely wonderful Home Depot worker who cut a 2 inch diameter dowl rod into 56 discs for me, and my always supportive hubs who helped me glue and trim labels onto them. They turned out SO cute. I promise to post a picture! I taped three buttons per table, and each student stood behind one with their brochure, report, and a sign laid on the table. We had the students set up in their "groups" according to their profession. This way, when other students, parents, and teachers came to visit they knew what category of our museum they were visiting. Students had to pick a pose that represented their person, and stay in that pose until someone pressed their button. We did this for 2 hours, and most students NEVER left character. It was all so organized and the kids did GREAT!

Like seriously, I couldn't have been more proud. I'm sure y'all can relate to this... I felt like a proud momma. I walked around to "press the buttons" of every one of my kiddos, and I actually cried after a few. I was THAT proud. Some of my quietest, most striving students did SO well, memorized their whole speech, and spoke with such enthusiasm! And the costumes, let me tell you.. WOW! Most of them were above and beyond anything I expected! I wish I could share all of the pictures with you without their faces covered because it takes away from the costumes, but hopefully you can still see the cuteness!

Here we have Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, and Jane Goodall.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhard, and Oprah Winfrey

Emily Dickinson, Anne Frank, Stephan Crane, and Maya Angelou
William Clark, Lewis Merriweather, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt
Francis Scott Key, Neil Armstrong, Stonewell Jackson, and Ulysses S. Grant
Betsy Ross

I will share more in other posts, but as you can see, they looked great!! If you're interested in doing this project, click on the picture below to purchase from my TPT store! I will gladly guide you through it if you have any questions or need anything :)

Next, I am LOVING Latoya's new get acquainted linky parties and I have to link up with this weeks! The topic? My favorite ice breaker: Two Truths and a Lie.
So, here are my three things about me! Comment and see if you can guess which one is my lie! :)

1.) I have been to Disney World over 20 times. My Great Aunt and Uncle both work there, and my cousin! I LOVE going and it truly is the happiest place on earth!

2.) I played volleyball with Lebron James' sister and against Ben Roethlisberger's sister. It was quite the event having them both in the same gym! Lebron's sister joined my JO team for a tournament, and we ended up playing against Ben's sisters team. They were both at the tournament at some point to watch, so it was quite the extravaganza!

3.) I love to travel, but I have never been on a commercial flight! Hubs and I enjoy road trips and spending time together along the way! :)

Can you guess which one is my lie?! Comment and we will see!! To make it a little more fun, the first person to get it right will get my Famous American pack for free :) Just leave your email in the comment!

Lastly, I can't thank you enough for reading SO much! Just for that, I have to link up with Manic Monday freebies and give you something you can hopefully use in your classroom :)
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
I read aloud a lot to my kiddos, and they do a lot of independent reading, too. Sometimes I need a quick check of their comprehension, and I want to hold them accountable for their reading. I give them one of these reading quick checks as an exit ticket or during Daily 5 time.
There are 2 weeks worth and they work well for my kiddos. Click here to download FREE from my TPT store.

Thanks for reading :) I pinky promise to be a better blogger this week!

Let's Get Acquainted!

I just LOVE this linky party from Flying into First Grade. I'm just sad I didn't see it sooner! I am linking up with the "Let's Get Acquainted" linky party! (I'll share the button later, my computer is being dumbo and won't let me upload photos right now!)
Flying into First Grade

3 Random Things about Myself using my initials...

This is a tough one! A is for adrenaline. My students say my teaching partner and I must drink adrenaline every day because we are always so energetic and happy! I love that they think this :) Although, I don't feel this way everyday.. so I'm glad it doesn't show through! :)

Mysteries and magic. I love to read. SO much! In fact, I have to stop myself from reading a lot because I would just read rather than get my work done! Mystery novels are some of my favs, and the magical world of Harry Potter is my favorite series to get lost in. I also love romance, drama, adventure, fantasy, pretty much anything that catches my interest!!

acrazy, coke (diet), coach. I feel like I am crazy all of the time because life is so crazy. That's okay with me! As much as I'm tired, I love my life as a teacher, coach, and wife. Only having 1-2 nights at most with my hubs can be hard, but as you all know, he is SO supportive! Diet Coke helps me get through the tiredness, of course :)

Hope you learned a little more about me! Head on over and link up to share more about yourself! I can't wait to read :)


I totally LOVE Fridays.
For the obvious reasons. DUH!
And for the fact that there are some FAB linky parties that I {love} linking up with!

First up, Doodle Bugs Five for Friday!

Five random things about my week:

1.) I made it through it!! Let me tell you, this was a tiring one. After getting back from New York late Friday night, having coached 12 volleyball matches, and been in a gym for a total of about 30 hours in two days, I knew it would be an exhausting one. Toss in 2 practices, and parent-teacher conferences with some challenging kiddos parents, it's a miracle I'm awake and cheery :)

2.) Our volleyball program did a Harlem Shake video. It is currently being edited, but let me tell you, it will be HILARIOUS! We have some seriously good dancers, and such characters in our club. Here's a picture of my team and I in our get-ups!

3.) Our Famous American reports and brochures are DONE! These little yahoos worked SO hard and I am so proud of them!  Now onto the Living Wax Museum. We will spend next week writing our 30 second speeches and practicing them to memorize them! The students are SUPER excited for the museum. Our whole school is going to take turns coming to visit and walk through the museum, and parents are, too! I can't wait to share more pictures of all of it with you! :)

4.) It's still snowing here in Ohio, and yet... no snow days! We actually had a hurricane day earlier in the year.. really Ohio?! I just want Spring weather and sunshine. Okay, that's all of my complaining!

5.) I have an addiction. To books.
Seriously. I buy WAY too many.
My poor husband.
But how can I resist these beautiful works of literature, that inspire my kiddos, smelling that wonderful new bookish smell? So of course, every few weeks I get the urge and by a few a lot of new books! Here's this weeks bundle :)

I am also so happy to announce some amazing winners in my giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!
Christina Marie won prizes from all of the starters who participated in my giveaway, and a $10 TPT giftcard! Yay, Christina! :)

Cierra Harris over at Adventures of Room 129 won my entire TPT store and a $10 TPT giftcard! Congrats, Cierra! :)
Freebie Fridays

Of course, since you read through so much I couldn't leave without giving you a freebie! There are a lot of moments where I enjoy reading aloud to my kiddos, but want a little feed back on their comprehension. So I use this quick little story elements graphic organizer for my kiddos to fill out with any book, and it reviews our story elements. Pick up your free copy here
Happy Friday, have a GREAT weekend! :)


It's almost time....

We are in the final hours for my 100 follower giveaway. I know I'm biased.. but there are some amazing prizes involved! Seriously people. ENTER! You won't be sorry and you will receive some amazing prizes:)

Click here to head over to the giveaway and enter!!

Also, congrats to Wendy over at 1st Grade Fireworks who won my Lucky Leprechaun unit for leaving me some love!! ENJOY Wendy :)
Click here to head on over to my TPT and pick up your own copy to do with your kiddos :)

I also stumbled across this FAB blog today, A Turn to Learn! If you haven't checked this blog out, you definitely should! She has a hilarious giveaway that I just couldn't resist:)

What Did They Say!?
So here's a few of my favorite "Outta the mouth of babes" quotes lately:

"I forgot to take my pill today that makes me less hypergetic!!!!" (said while running around like a crazy man!)
Said by a first grade friend to his teacher after I visited their classroom "I wish our classroom always smelled like her. She smells like cookies and cupcake dream."
After telling one of my fourthies I liked his sweater "Well duh Mrs. Cap, I gotta look good for the babes!"
And one of my favs.....
Every night our students have to D.E.A.R read for 15 minutes and have their planner initialed by their parents. One student informed me, "Mrs. Cap, I don't have my D.E.A.R signed. My mom had a rough client at work and found the found the bottle of wine when she got home. She was NOT in the mood to sign my planner!"

Who couldn't love a job where stuff like this is said everyday?! :)

I am also linking up with 1.2.3. Teach with Me for a great Facebook linky! I love having a Facebook page for my blog to share, and love "liking" and following other teachers!! You can see my Facebook page here 

Head on over and link up, and find another way to stalk some amazing bloggers/teachers :)