Historical Indian Home Project and Freebie!

Well, after 4 "cold" days in a row, we were back at school today! Just in time to present our latest projects: Historical Indian Homes! :)

This is such a fun project because a lot of it is done outside of school, and I LOVE seeing what my kiddos come up with. They are SO creative!

Our 4th grade Social Studies standards include a study of the Historical Indians of Ohio. To wrap up this unit, we always learn about the 3 different types of homes they lived in: Wigwam, teepee, and longhouse. We do an interactive notebook activity:
Then we go over the instructions for the project and I give them their letter home to parents and rubric:

I usually give them about 3 weeks to turn them in. We don't spend any class time, I just remind them of the project occasionally, and provide books in our "theme" bin for them to research and use! 

When they are all brought in, we put them on shelves all around my room and my teaching partners room. We do a 25 minute "Read to Self" time, and release 5 kiddos from each class at a time to "take a tour" of the homes. This way, they can see them up close (without touching!) so they're not all standing up and trying to get close during presentations.

We present them for about an hour each afternoon for 3-4 days. They read their paragraph out loud, then explain to the class how they built it. I usually ask 2-3 questions, and then they can call on 2 students for questions. It is amazing how interested they are and how much they love seeing their classmates work and showing off their own!

Here are some of the amazing projects that were presented today!

I know I'm biased… but I think they are pretty AWESOME! And these are only a sample of the 30+ projects that were brought in! (Students can work with a partner or on their own.)

If you're interested in doing this project with your kiddos, it is a FREEBIE in my store! Click here or on the picture below to head on over and download! :)

Do you do any fun projects with your kiddos? I'd love to hear about them! Comment and tell me about it, please! :)


  1. Those projects look amazing! And that freebie is awesome too! I'm saving this post because I teach Native Americans next year! Thanks!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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  2. Those projects are IMPRESSIVE! They did a fabulous jobs! Thanks for the freebie!
    I {Heart} Recess

  3. I love these! They are amazing-your students did an outstanding job! I'm going to use this next year with my 4th graders. We worked on masks this year. I took a cereal box and cut out the front panel, drew a head shape on it. The students cut them out, then I held them up to their face to determine where their eyes were, drew a shape for the eyes. They cut them out with help. Then they decide what type of mask they were going to make. I suggested that they exaggerate the facial features. They used black, green, red, and yellow markers. We took a single hole punch and punched holes from ear to ear. The students then took a piece of yarn and hooked it through each hole-this became their hair (horse hair, porcupine hair, etc.) I then had them write a paragraph about their masks-what they would use the mask for, what they used to make their paints, etc.) They really enjoyed this and I know next year the housing project will as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your kiddos did awesome! I love how creative they were! Thanks for sharing your project. I think I can adapt it to the tribes we study in South Carolina!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this! They did such a good job! I want to take this and do it with my 6th graders (maybe add in some extra challenges) because they would get a kick out of it!