The Big Sale--What I'm buying!

In case you haven't heard… TPT is having a HUGE sale Thursday and Friday. I've been waiting for this for months, as I'm sure many of you have been, too!

I am linking up with a many of my favorite blogging buddies to share what things I have bought on TPT that make my life MUCH easier, and what things I will be buying during the big sale! :)

First up, one of my newest FAVORITE topics to teach is the Revolutionary War. Why do you ask? Thanks to some AMAZING resources that I have purchased.

First up, we have really enjoyed learning all about what led up to this huge war that impacted our nation's history so much! We are using Collaboration Cuties American Revolution Articles and Activities.

My students LOVE reading the articles and completing the activities, and I feel like they are truly learning from them. The comprehension questions that follow up each article are great for homework or a quick assessment, too!

To go along with this topic, we are reading some GREAT mentor texts and LOVING Jivey's Revolutionary War Mentor Text Unit. They have loved all of the books, and are constantly asking to read them again!

During Daily 5 time, my students are LOVING Diane over at Fifth in the Middle's awesome If you Lived in Colonial Times centers. They are hands on and interactive, informative, and keep them engaged for the full 20 minutes! I love it :)

What else is on my wish list? Here are a few items I CAN'T WAIT to purchase during the sale:

I always need more things to teach nonfiction text structure, and these posters and quizzes will be perfect!

 Close reading? YES PLEASE! Love these new March themed passages! :)

 I have had my eye on these Reading Response Menus for a while, and I am finally going to take the plunge! These will be perfect homework test prep for my kiddos!

 We ALWAYS need review on government, and again, Close Reading activities are PERFECT for integrating LA and SS. I can't wait to try these out! :)

 Since LA Interactive Notebooks are such a hit in my room, why not SS, too? I can't wait to pick this bad boy up!

Along with 3 million other sellers, my TPT store will be 20% off, and if you use the code you will get an extra 10%! Fill that shopping cart up, and empty the wish list! There's lots to enjoy :)

Here's some of my latest and most wish listed items you can pick up for a steal!

Enjoy the sale and shop till you drop! We all need those amazing resources to help us survive the rest of the year! :)

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