A Peek at my Week-Lots to do!

The gorgeous weather outside has been so motivational for me! I feel like I get so much more accomplished when it's nice out.

Including planning out my week and getting things ready! :)

I wanted to link up share a "Peek at my Week"!

I thought it'd be fun this week to share with you what we're doing by showing the newsletter we send home to parents and students on Friday! This shows details of what our week will be all about :)

{If you like my newsletter, pick up your copy here for free to edit for yourself!}

We are in full on test-prep mode with our state tests only 3 weeks away! (EEEEK!!)

I like to make test prep fun, so we do a lot of stations, which the kiddos LOVE! We are reviewing characterization, using evidence,  and point of view this week!

Here are the things I'll be using during stations to review these concepts:

2 of our stations will be spent working on our Kidblog Literature Circles!

My students are {LOVING} every minute of this new concept of blogging, and are SO motivated! I overheard one of my boys run up to another student on Friday and say "OMG, I commented on your post! Make sure you check it!" Makes my heart happy to hear that! They didn't have any "blogging" duties this weekend, and I just checked to approve comments and posts and there were 415 comments for me to approve, and 22 new posts about books! And that's all EXTRA! :)

I know many of you are dying to know more about this, and I've been promising to share.. and I am going to stand by that promise! But I want to test everything out in my room first before I post it as a product and blog about it! I have 2 more little things I want to try out Monday and Tuesday!

This will be available in my TPT store Tuesday, and I will have a nice long blog posts jam packed with pictures all about it! :) Pinky promise!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday, and have an amazing week!


  1. I can't wait to see how your kids are blogging!! I wish I could have gotten in on it this year- maybe next year we can start it with our classes together!

  2. WOW!! 415 comments to approve. That is AWESOME (although a little bit of extra work for you)!! I can't wait to read more about it. :)

    Have a great week & thanks so much for linking up!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. I also get more done when it's nice out! Can't wait to read all about your blogging lit circles!
    :) Erin

  4. WOW the blogging project sounds amazing!!!! :) What a great way to get them excited and engaged about writing and reading! You are ah-mazing, friend! :)

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