Workshop Wednesday: Preparing for the BIG test!

I love that Jivey's theme this week is preparing for the big test.. because that is DEFINITELY what we are doing over here in room 219! Our state test is the first full week in May and we are gearing up! I want preparing to be fun, and not seem scary or boring!

So how do we prepare? A number of ways! But here are a few things we're doing now that we're in "test prep mode".

{We practice "coding the question" with test like questions, something we've been talking about all year! These signs are free in my TPT store if you click here}

{We do A LOT of task cards! We play SCOOT, do them independently or with a partner during stations, I post them around the room, and sometimes I even tape them up and down the hallway and students have to move around and find them and answer them! These are a great quick way to assess how much they know! I love Rachel Lynette's and Erin Cobb's task cards!}

{We also use this test prep kit from my TPT store. I give the students a copy of the "Glossary of Terms" to study over the 2 weeks leading up to the test, we go over test taking strategies with the posters and make our own little foldables, and we use the task cards on the day before to review ALL of the skills we've learned!}

 {We review different LA terms each day to make sure our memories are fresh! We make mini anchor charts and post them all over the room! All of our activities for that day usually relate to that term, so it's great reinforcement!}

{We do a lot of integrated SS to cover nonfiction standards and practice tough skills such as Main Idea! We also do small group time where we analyze close reading passages to cover many skills at once!}

Next week we start our Test Prep Blitz! An idea I got from the amazing Amanda over at One Extra Degree!
I use a few of her Test Prep Blitz items, and throw a few of my own in there to make an exciting week of preparing but having fun before the test! My students are shocked when they walk in and see things like corn hole boards in our room! We decorate and get ready! Here's a picture from last year:

So how do you prepare? I'd love to get other ideas from all of you! :) Link up with Jivey for Workshop Wednesday or comment below with your preparation techniques. :)


  1. These are such great ideas! I love the coding the question idea! Thank you for linking up, BBB!

  2. WOW! You cover a lot of stuff during your review! Nice post. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I do so many of the same things to prep my kiddos!!! Love the Test Prep Blitz idea...going to check out Amanda's blog to get the full details!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. I love your signs - thank you! I also try to get the kids into the right mindset by comparing the big test to a sports championship. I made a little book about it if you're interested. :)